Jaydon Pang Hao Yu (冯昊予)

His name is Jaydo n, Pang Hao Yu ( 冯昊予 ) born on 17th Dec 2008. We have adopted him and brought him home on the 20th Dec 2008.   


His English name is a variant of the biblical name Jadon .

Jadon is a Judge, a Meronothite who assisted in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem (Neh. 3:7). Jadon is also the name given by Josephus (Ant., VIII, viii, 5; ix, 1) to “the man of God” from Judah who confronted Jeroboam as he burned incense at the altar in Bethel.

Jadon’s language of origin is Hebrew and it is predominantly used in English. Biblical name derived from the element yadown which has the meaning “he will judge or thankful”(reference: Strong’s Concordance <03036>). In Hebrew, the name Jadon means – “Jehovah has heard”.

The element of “Jehovah has heard” and “Thankfulness” reflects how both how Me and Mary are feeling right now, and we want Jaydon to remind us of God’s sovereignty, faithfulness and goodness, whether in good times or difficulties that comes along the way.

His Chinese name is 昊予 (Hao4 Yu3) which means Heavenly Gift . The name 昊予 will remind us that the boy is a gift from God. We have done nothing to deserve God s Precious gift. For us, as parent, we will love the child and raised him up in the Lord, as good steward, recognizing that 昊予 is given by God.


Jaydon’s Baptism

A family memories

Our family


2 thoughts on “Jaydon Pang Hao Yu (冯昊予)

  1. Hello! Happy to read your testimony, and remind me that i must rely on God in everything and every situation! Congratulation and May God Bless all of you! =)

  2. very blessed to read ur blog. even Jaydon is ur adoption child but u treat him like own child with full pack of love. Congratulations !

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