Tokyo 2006

Sun 03/26/06 (day 1) – Tokyo
We arrived in Tokyo at 7pm and stayed in Shinjuku washington Hotel. After settling down, we walked to Shinjuku shopping district to get some dinner. In Shinjuku there are streams of screaming neon, high pitched shrieking sounds; people, people everywhere – silent and robotic. There’s no room, there’s no escape – earthquakes yet skyscrapers, it’s hot, it’s humid, it’s calm, it’s still for this is Shinjuku – a business and shopping district in the west of Tokyo and the ultimate, overwhelming experience.

Mon 03/27/06 (day 2) – Tokyo
Took a bus to Tokyo Disneyland. Could not understand their instruction and therefore missed a few buses in the process. By the time we reached Disneyland, it was 11am. As we did not buy a pre-ticket, by the time we reached there, all tickets were sold out.

Spend some time at the resort shopping centre before we make our way to the nearby town of Obaida. Spend the whole afternoon shopping in Obaida.

In the evening, we spend more time shopping at Shinjuku.

Tue 03/28/06 (day 3) – Hakone
We took a 7am Odakyu Express Train from Shinjuku to Hokane. The train stopped at a nice little town of Odawara.

We tranferred to a bus which bring us to Fuji-Hakone National Park. We stayed in Fuji-Hakone Guest House which is a cozy family style Inn nestled in the Fuji-Hakone National Park. Their traditional Japanese style rooms and warm hospitality make us feel at home. Onsite Onsen.

With the Hakone Freepass ticket, we spend the entire after venturing around the Hakone National Park.

Mount Fuji

Dinner near our lodge… Yummmy!

Wed 03/29/06 (day 4) – Hakone
We spend the morning venturing the town around Hakone. At around 10am, we make our jouney back to Odawara. We spent 2 hours in Odawara venturing around the small town.

We caught the 1pm train by to Tokyo Central which we make our journey to Ningyocho where we check into Hotel Kitcho. Our walk from the subway to the hotel, we were greeted with beautiful cherry blossom. We spend the rest of the day resting in our hotel.

Our way to hotel.. we are greeted with “reservation spot for cherry Blossom”
More Reservation (reminds me of tissue in hawker centre in CBD)
This is what drawing the crowd & Reservation

Hotel Kitcho

In the evening, we visited Sony Building in Ginza and we end the day shopping at Ameyoko which is a vibrant, bustling area that sells all sorts of consumer perishables as well as shoes and apparel. Here you can find everything from discounted Levi jeans to seaweed, hair cream.

Thu 03/30/06 (day 5) – Tokyo
Finally, the day that my wife has been waiting for – a visit to Ghibli museum. The Ghibli museum is one of Japan’s more interesting museums and a must visit for any fan of the studio’s works such as “Long mao” or fan of Anima. We spend the entire morning in the museum till about 2pm.

Train to Ghibli Museum

Taking a train back… View of Cherry Blossom from the train station

Following that we went to district of Asakusa to visit the famous temple of Askusa. The rest of our days, we venture around that area.

Fri 03/31/06 (day 6) – Tokyo
The last day of our trip we tried to maximax every hour we had in Tokyo. Early in the morning, we took a subway to Tsukiji Fish Market. It was an interesting place to pay a visit. Many of the seafood are amazingly beautiful. Following the visit to the market, we dropped by a sushi shop to have a sashimi breakfast.

After breakfast, seeing that we have another 3 hours more to spend, we wanted to see the cherry blossom of Japan. We make our way to Tokyo Imperial Palace, thinking that we could catch the blossom over there. However, there no blossom in sight. Looking at our maps and recalling what others have mentioned, we quicken our pace to catch a train to Ueno Park. What a nice way to end the trip by spending the last 1 hour in Tokyo, admiring the beautiful cherry blossom of Japan.

Finally, we make our way back to hotel in Ningyocho. TOKYO CITY AIR TERMINAL was 7 minute walk from Hotel Kitcho. We have no problem catching the bus to the airport.

What a memorable time we had in Tokyo.

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