Australia Trip 2008 – Sydney, Melboune and Perth

Decided spend 2 weeks in Australia for a break from my work.  The deal by Qantas, allows me to plan my visit to Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.  The cost is only $1200 (include tax)…. cheap cheap… :). The plan is to spend 3 days in Sydney, 4 days in Melbourne and 7 days in Perth. I will be in Sydney and Melboune alone, while Mary will fly into Perth to join me for the remaining trip in Australia.  Let’s see if I can recall my journey … and to journal down my trip in Australia.  Let the Journey begin…..

Day 1  –  4: Sydney

Day 4 – 8: Melbourne

Day 8 – 15: Western Australia  (Perth, Albany, Denmark, Walpole, Margaret , Busselton, Mandurah, Fremantle, King Park)

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