KL 2009

This was Jaydon’s first road trip up to Kuala Lumpur. Jaydon was 9 months old. We were making our trip up to KL as Mummy was joining RBC in their retreat, which Daddy and Jaydon could join as well. The car ride on our 1.4cc Nissan March from Singapore to KL took us 6 hours, leaving Singapore at 10am and reaching KL at around 4pm. We travelled in a convoy and made a number of stops along the way. We were thankful that Jaydon took the journey pretty well, while 1/2 of the journey he is sleeping, while the other 1/2 of the journey, Mummy needs to feed him with snack and to entertain him.

Jaydon sleeping in the car!

Jaydon awake and playing with his book

While most of the time we were spending time in Methodist Retreat Centre in KL, we had chance to walk around China Town most of the days due to the close proximity to where we were.

We are at China Town

A rare family photo

A Photo shoot with all the aunties

I am with the founder of my chinese name

Cute 9 months old Jaydon

Dad and me!

There was 1 day of rest during the retreat which we took a taxi to Bukit Bintang. We spent a short time at Sungei Wang Plaza before heading to Lot 10 where we hang out in this really cool cafe where we could literally laze around…

Shopping at Sungei Wang

Playing with my mom

Our Laze Havan

What is on the Menu?

Uncle Alex who took all the wonderful potrait of me

Tough choice of food & drinks

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