KL – Melaka (Sept 2010)

This is the second retreat with Mary’s company to KL. It is nice for them to invite the family along. We stayed one of the Methodist church in KL (near Chinatown) which have a hostel.

Jaydon playing with the other kids, while Mary & Daddy was listening to Sermon

On the last day, before departing from KL, we went to visit a church.

Playtime in one of the church in KL

On our way back to Singapore, our family stayed 2 nights at Malacca. We stayed the first night at Renaissance Melaka and second night at Equatorial.

In the morning on the second day, we thought of taking a cruise along the river. We took a short walk up the river (from Renaissance Melaka) to the platform. Near the river cruise area, we saw the monorail which supposedly travel alongside the river, which unfortunately never did started its service (at the time of writing, at least)

Monorail in Melaka
Waiting for the river cruise
Mary & Jaydon on the river cruise

After our excursion, we had our DIM SUM lunch at the Renaissance Hotel. Dim Sum was free, since we have complimentary hotel voucher for a dim sum lunch.

Our Spread

We stayed the second night in Equatorial.

Equatorial Club Room

The rest of the time in Melaka was spending time at Shopping malls..

All ready to shop!
Train ride that cost RM$2… In SG Downtown East is $3 a person!!!

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