Hungry Caterpillar & Zoo

We brought the kids for Hungry Caterpillar (by Eric Carle) performance by the Mermaid Theatre (Canada) in 2011. Comparing the other theatrical play for kids, we felt that the installation and performance by the Mermaid Theatre is one of the better play that we have seen so far.

This year, knowing that the team that brought in the Hungry Caterpillar in 2011 is coming back this year, we decide to bring the kids back for the performance. This time, beside the Hungry Caterpillar, they included 2 other story – A brown bear and A moon. Venue is the same as last year – Fusionpolis.

Jaydon remembers the play in 2011, and anticipating another good play this year.

The puppetry team only consist of 3 artist

The team explain to the children, how they move the Caterpillar…

The kids played Catching at Fusiopolis.

Let’s go!

Heading to the next destination – Zoo

Show time @ the zoo

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