South Korea – Day 4 (Jeju – Seoul)

It is nice to split your holiday into 2 parts. When we woke up this morning, it was kinda of disappointing that we will be ending our holiday in Jeju. However, it also give us the excitement that we are flying to Seoul to enjoy the second part of our holiday. It give a bitter sweet feeling which it is kinda good to us.

We woke up slightly late today, and we spend time at the lodge for the kids to play and watch “tayo the friendly bus” in Korean (you cannot under estimate the power of cartoon in different language – the kids do understand). While the kids are enjoying themselves, the adults started packing and loading the luggage into our car. It was 9.30am when we bid our farewells to the friendly and helpful owner of the lodge, and we head north towards the airport.

P1040557 (Medium)

On our way back to the airport, we decided to drop by Jeju Teseum – for the kids. It is similar to teddy bear museum, but we felt that this place is definitely more for the kids. While not focusing so much on the history, value and collection of the teddy bears & soft toys, Jeju Teseum is basically a teddy bear indoor park with different themes where kids and children can be close to the teddy bear and play with them. The first floor is a Safari theme. It give the visitors the feeling of going through a zoo, except that kids can come close and personal with the soft toy.




The second floor is more on fairy tale theme.




There is one bouncing bear for the kids to climb and play!


At every end of the attraction, there will be always be the store. But this store was well setup and stock up.


It was mid-day when we left Jeju Teseum. On our journey back to the airport, we decided to drop in any restaurant or cafe that comes along our path (we learn our mistake for previous days of being too choosy and at the end, having hard time to find a restaurant alone our journey). We came across a family cafe and we decided to give it a try. Usually, at such a restaurant, you will have hard time trying to communicate what you want. But thank God, their menu is usually with picture. We decided to have ginseng chicken & BBQ Pork (Jeju Famous Black pig) for the very last time before heading to the airport.


After Lunch, we drove back to Jeju International Airport and return our rental car. While we waited for our flight back to Seoul, the kids was fast asleep and Jaydon only woke up when we reached Gimpo Domestic airport.


Since we have 4 adults and 3 kids with 4 big luggage, we decided not to take bus or rails to Seoul. We decided to take a jumbo taxi directly to our lodge – EO Residence in Myeongdong.


Though EO residence is not as famous as some of the guesthouse in the surrounding (such as Namsan Guest House), we are happy with the find. The guesthouse looks new and it is definitely a clean and nice guesthouse. Staffs were friendly and boss is staying in the same building, whom you will definitely got to meet. If we would to come by train or bus, we would have a hard time finding this guesthouse. Even in the taxi, we nearly miss the guesthouse. Once arrives, the staffs came out to help us with our luggage and proceed to check us in. The rooms were of reasonable size, and what we enjoy most is the washing machine in every room. Mom maximax the washing machine, and though there is no dryer, due to low in humility, our clothes dries very fast in our room. 5 minutes stroll to Myeongdong and the ladies enjoys it. When the kids are asleep, mom goes out shopping.


Given the time, we would have visited the following attraction in the North-West of Jeju:
Hallim Park (to determine if give a miss)
Jeju Horse Race Park
Exploring Janjeon Village (Rural)

5 thoughts on “South Korea – Day 4 (Jeju – Seoul)

  1. Hi, my friend & I will be in Jeju next week, was wondering if you had any information on Janjeon Village. I have exhausted all resources online to find a village where we will be able to learn and experience Jeju through the locals. Am trying to avoid the more touristy stuff. Also if you have any information on the mandarin picking, how and where to get there would be helpful.
    Thank you.

    1. I came across Janjeon Village from a Jeju tourism booklet (green in color). You can get Korea tourism book from Korea Plaza.
      Korea Plaza, Samsung Hub, #01-02, 3 Church Street, Singapore 049483
      • Operating Hours
      Monday to Friday – 10am to 7pm
      Saturday – 10am to 1pm
      (excluding Public Holidays or otherwise stated)

  2. Hello! May I check if it is difficult to drive in Jeju? I’ll be traveling to Korea in Oct but don’t really like the idea of renting a driver as we will be traveling with my then 18mth old boy, and hope to have more flexibility. Thank you!

    1. The road is not congested. It is pretty easy to drive in Jeju. The only thing you got to get use is the left hand drive.

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