Bali (Day 2)

We were woken up by a knock on our door. Our breakfast was delivered to our room. I open the door and found that the surrounding is like a small oasis in middle of Bali. The Boutique resort is really small, probably about 10 rooms in the compound. However, the pool in the middle of the resort was really nice.


We had our breakfast, and not long after, our dear friend-driver, Made arrives to pick us up for an outing to the Elephant park and Ubud. The journey was about 1.5 hours and Jaydon was spending his time in the car by taking pictures of unique cars along the way.


After the 1.5 hour journey, we arrives at the Elephant Park. Entrance fee and the Elephant ride is pretty expensive. If I did not forget, it is around US$50 for entrance + ride.

ele1 ele2 Fotor121222463

After we paid our fines, we walk through a park before reaching where the elephants are.


Being the first time riding on an elephant, It took a bit of time to get Jaydon up onto the Elephant.


After a while, Jaydon was happy riding on the elephant and we on our way for our 1/2 hour ride in to the “wild”. Jaydon was happily talking and enjoying nature and observing what the elephant is doing. He get excited when the elephant stop to eat some leaves, as the Elephant will either bend low or lift itself high to reach the leaves, which gave a interesting and exciting experience on top of the elephant.

Fotor1212230541 ele5

The highlight of the elephant ride is a ride on the elephant while it goes for bath in the pond.

Fotor1212231729 fortodsc_7224

The fun did not end there. Just after the elephant ride, it is feeding time for the elephant. Lots of food for the elephant and Jaydon has more then enough chance to feed the animal.


We heads to the Elephant nursery where we have a chance to see a new born elephant. We understand the girl is a few weeks old.


After the Elephant experience we had our lunch at the Park. After which, Made drove us to Ubud. Since we have spend a huge amount of time in the Elephant Park, we have limited time in Ubud. We decided to spend the remaining time visiting the Monkey Forest (for J again) and heads for a evening tea break.
When we reached Monkey Forest, there are a few monkey at the entrance. It is not really a forest rather a park. Seeing that there are probably a few monkeys in the park, we decided to buy a bunch of banana for J to feed. We started feeding the monkey and took some photographs of the monkey with J. As we go deeper into the park, I understand which it is call Monkey Forest – Monkeys are everywhere. When we were about to leave the place, the staff started to bring out food for the monkey. That’s when troops of Monkey started to emerge from the dark of the forest to the open. Within a couple of seconds, the whole area is full of Monkeys. There were so many monkeys, that we were afraid stepping on them while walking out of the park.
The monkey is pretty aggregasive. They will snatch whatever food you have in your hand without hestitation. Mary took a banana out wanting to feed one of the baby monkey, but within seconds, another monkey have grab the banana off her hand. This is when we realised that Mary’s bag has a couple of banana left and this has made Mary a target for the monkey, because of the “prized possesion” in her bag. To make Mary heart at ease, we decided to give all the banana to the thinner monkey discreetly and we empty the banana from her bag in no time.
Never, never let the monkey to climb onto you!
After the exciting encounter with the monkey, we decided to leave the park. Made brought us to a cafe in Ubud facing a soccer field. The cafe is called “Tukmak” They serve nice pastry and bread. While we are enjoying our evening tea break, there was a game on soccer in the field… while provided some kind of entertainment for me.
Once we reached Seminyak, we wanted to head for Biku for our dinner. However, the place was fully booked. Therefore, Made brought us to another restaurant nearby for our dinner. The duck confit was pretty nice.
After dinner we head back to our resort for a night rest.

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