Perth (Day 10 – Nov 2014)

Last day of the trip today. We had our breakfast in our room, finishing up all our ration for the trip. After breakfast, we took the free city bus to the city – Perth City Cat. The bus stop is just in front of our hotel and 3 stops away from the Perth City. We have not enough of the city, since the day before, all shops were closed and we did not really have the chance to shop.


PicMonkey Collage2
Fun in the bus

PicMonkey Collage
Fun in the Mall

Fun with Mummy

Fun in the street

Fun as a group..  as we bid farewell to Perth

Since we have another 4 hours to spend before heading to the airport, we decided to spend time at Scitech where the kids have some fun before heading back to Singapore. Scitech has much for the children and the young at heart. It is like Science Centre of Singapore, allowing the kids to explore various expect of science through fun filled activities. They do have shows as well as planetarium. Though the kids were having fun.. the adults were getting a bit tired after an hour there.

PicMonkey Collage

Well that’s all we could do for the last 10 days in Western Australia. There are so many places we wanted to visit, however with the 10 days we had, we felt that we have maximax the 10 days. The trip itinerary is recommended for chiong-ster like me. However, if you would like to do it more relaxed, it is best not to travel all the way to Albany. The trip to Albany is a long drive, but me and my wife fell in love with Albany in the previous trip, and always wanted to head back to Albany when we are in Western Australia.

Looking forward for the next holiday.!


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