Tokyo – Ginza (Day 11 – Dec 2015)

It will be our last day in Tokyo. Since we have been staying in Ginza for the last 2 nights, it make sense to enjoy Ginza for the day before we head back to Osaka.


The Ginza is Tokyo’s most famous upmarket shopping, dining and entertainment district, featuring numerous department stores, boutiques & art galleries. Some of the small lanes in Ginza, you can find interesting restaurants and cafes. One of the cafe we visited was “Appartement 301”. We chanced upon this cafe while mummy is using Four Square Apps to find good food around Ginza area. Again, another cafe that is secluded where you would probably not walk up a flights of steps at the backstreet to the third floor of an apartment building. The cafe is split into 2 apartments, and you can choose either of the apartment to dine The cafe is cosy, which looks more like a reading room rather then a cafe. Food was interesting and refreshing, but I think the having our lunch in an “apartment themed” cafe was the highlight.


After lunch, we visited the Muji/Loft flagship store at the Yurakucho station. This store is a this lifestyle store which is spacious and stylish. It had plenty to keep you occupied with 3 levels of shop floors. We had a good time shopping here. We even bought a Miffy watch for mummy while shopping.



Every weekend, Ginza main street is closed to traffic and become a large pedestrian zone.  The road closure takes place from 12:00 to 17:00. It is an opportunity to take some photographs as the street becomes one long area filled with people and not cars. 


It was 4pm when we head back to the Tokyo train station to take the speed train back to Osaka.


On return, we stayed at Crown Plaza Shin-Osaka. This hotel was newly renovated and it is situated next to Shin-Osaka train station. It was very convenient for us as the trains and subways were just 1 min away. We booked the hotel when I was in Tokyo Disneyland when we realized that our AIRBNB host that was suppose to host us for the remaining days in Osaka was not as reliable as we thought. With that, we managed to stay in this nice hotel in Shin-Osaka.

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