Wellington (NZ Day 1)

After a 13 hours flight from Singapore, transiting in Sydney, we arrived in Wellington.

The ride from the airport to the hotel took us nearly an hour due to the congestion. Nevertheless, the view along the way was pleasant.

After checking into our hotel, we wasted no time and head up Wellington Botanical Garden, taking the famous Wellington Cable Car. The station was next to the hotel and we decided spending our first evening leisurely in the Botanical Garden.

The Wellington Cable car took around 10 mins to reach to the top of the hill.

Upon reaching to the top of the hill, we spend time enjoying the long day light and the cold summer wind.

The Sundial where Jaydon is standing reveal the time when we were having a great time at the Botanical Garden – 6.30pm.

Though, the day seems long and we would love to stay longer, our stomach started telling us that it is time for our dinner.

We took the cable car down and walk toward the bayside for Daddy’s and Mummy’s anniversary dinner. Dinner tonight was at Crab Shed.

Yummy crab.. but the highlight was the Large New Zealand Mussels in Wine Sauce!

It was a great meal and it was a good start for our holiday.

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