Queenstown (NZ Day 3)

We got on a ride on a taxi from our Wellington hotel to the Wellington airport at 7am for a 9am flight to Queenstown. Have a chat with a Indian Taxi driver who has been living in Wellington for 16 years. He shared with me that he could easily earn $10k per month and he has owned a total of 3 houses in Wellington. I wonder what I am doing all this while, while waiting for our flight out of Wellington.

While lamenting my life, we were on our flight to Queenstown. With the view of Queenstown, I quickly forget my lament. We head for Apex car rental and got a budget car for the next 2 days.

Since the family was hungry, we went for lunch at Boatshed Cafe, which was pretty near to the airport towards Queenstown.

Boatshed Cafe was crowded with people, probably it is the weekend. However, the view and the food was worth the wait.

We did a quick check-in to Holiday Inn Hotel, Queensland, before heading to Glenorchy. The reason why we drove 1 hour to this town is because of Glenorchy Animal Farm Experience, which does not cost me a bomb to visit the animals and have a sheep shearing experience.

Beside the farm, the route to Glenorchy was gorgeous and there are many lookout points. Moreover, Glenorchy town, though small, has a charm on its own.

Since the summer day is long, after Glenorchy, we head back to Queenstown for the luge. It was 6:30pm when we went up the gondola up to the Hill for our Luge.

Mary had a bad experience previously, but she gotten her courage and did Luge with the gentlemen.

It was a disappointment for Jaydon as he gave up after 3 tries due to the cold wind and tired arms.

Jaydon rested in the cafe and had his dinner (pizza), while Daddy and mummy went for another 2 rounds. We finished the day at 8pm while the sun has not set.

We head back to Holiday Inn and enjoy the setting sun from our balcony and it was only 8.30pm.

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