Arrowtown (NZ Day 5)

What a morning! Woke up late today. Sleeping is our family enjoyment of life. We woke up at 10.30am and the 3 of us rushed to pack our luggage and checked out our hotel by 11am. It is one of those time that we impressed by the speed we can get things done.

We returned our car and changed to our campervan, which will be our home and vehicle for the next 7 days.

We are supposed to head to Milford Sound today. However, the weather is bad and there is high risk of Avalanche (in summer! Really!?).

So we decided to head to Arrowtown and get use to campervan lifestyle.

First stop, lunch…

Next Groceries.. NZ179 the total damage

On reaching the campervan park for the night is to find our allocated slot.

First thing we did was to packed our stuff into the little compartment found around our cabin.

Groceries into small drawers and cabinets.

Clothings into overhead compartments.

Medical kits and electronic items in the front overhead compartment.

Next figuring out how do you set up the bed. Once completed, we need to test to see if it is comfortable for the family!

Once we have settled, we got ready for our first meal in our mobile home. I used the BBQ grill to prepare our first gourmet steak for our trip, while Mary work in the small kitchen in the campervan.

The outcome was an enjoyable meal for the family in the campervan park.

Next bathing. Though our campervan has a tiny toilet, we all decided to use the Campervan park bathing facilities instead. The park has a clean shared shower room and shared toilet. No issue going to the toilet to bathe, rather then squeezing and getting our toilet wet.

When all is done, we are all ready for a family time together play UNO and watching Lord of the Ring.

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