Phuket 2011

Day 1 (3rd Feb 2011

First day of the Lunar New Year! Woke up early today to fetch my mom and my Aunt family to the airport, while me and my family, spend the rest of the day doing our duties and receiving ang bo. After a tiring day of visitation, we arrive at the Singapore Budget Terminal catching an evening flight to Phuket.

We are going for a holiday!

Jaydon’s own personnal seat

We have made prior arrangement with Daj (one of Tripadvisor’s recommended Driver) to pick us up from the airport when we arrived at Phuket international airport at 8pm (Singapore 9pm). The journey from the airport to Westin Siray Bay Resort took us an hour and we were glad that we have fed Jaydon in the plane. Thankfully Jaydon did not struggle in the car despite the long journey. He was enjoying the numerous motorcycle on the road while we play games identifying riders with and without helmet. Upon reaching the resort, the check-in was a bliss and we were in no time sitting on the buggy making our bumpy ride up the narrow and steep slope up to our room. We met up with our family in their room and Jaydon was enjoying running around the adjoining rooms.

Westin Rooms

Jaydon enjoying the king size bed

Day 2 (4th Feb 2011)
My Aunt family joined a Sea Cave Canoe this morning. They have to wake up early today and have early breakfast as the transport to the Sea Cave Canoe Arrives at 7.30am. They will be out the whole day today. Not much photo was taken for the trip and therefore, I have added our trip photo which we did a similar Sea Cave Canoe 5 years ago.

On the Ferry to the Hong at Phang Nga

Photo Shoot!

Mary on the Canoe…

into the Hong!

what’s on the other side?


While Jaydon is still in bed, we cooked his lunch in our new bought traveller electric stove. After our breakfast in the resort cafe, we spend the rest of the morning playing and swimming in the infinity pool.

Well invested travel stove

Large Balcony

Morning View from the hotel

Jaydon enjoying the pool with mom

Jaydon enjoying the pool

Spa Bath for Jaydon πŸ™‚

Jaydon has his lunch and took a nap till 4pm.

In the evening, we took the hotel complimantary bus to Phuket town where we spend 2 hours shopping in Robinson. With the limit of time, we bought our dinner back to hotel to eat. BTW, The Pizza Company sells really good pizza – generous in the topping.

Day 3 (5th Feb 2011)

After our breakfast, we brough Jaydon to the Westin Kids Club to play. Jaydon build a paper windmill with the help from Mummy, while we wait for Daj to pick us up from the hotel at 10.30am.

Craftwork with Mom

Crafts in Westin Kids Club

First stop, Cashaw nut factory. Pretty much an establishment set up for tourist. They sell all kinds od Cashew nut products. such as : Roated Cashew Nuts, Roasted Cashew Salt, Fried Cashew Nuts, Cashew Nuts Fried with Garlic , Sugar Syrup Cashew Nut, Cashew Nut Brittle, etc.. After a short while were were on our way to Phuket Shooting Range. Upon reaching the range, we were each issued a Earmuff to protect from the explosive sound of gunfire. My mom, not knowing the intensity of the gunfire, chose not to wear one. However, on the first shot of the revolver, she got a shock and left the place hurriedly. Me, Edwin & my uncle chose to have a try on the weapon. My uncle chose Colt45 while me and my cousin were not too advanturous and we chose to go with 9mm revolver. We each had a round of 10 bullets for a price of S$40. We wanted to try the Go-Cart which was within the compound. However, with the crowd that was in front of us, we decided to give it a miss.

10 rounds of .44

Own Time Own Target, FIRE!

Me and my weapon

My Uncle with his Weapon

Edwin with his Weapon

Daj brought us to Kata View Point where we could see the 3 bays of Kata Noi Beach, Kata Beach and Karon Beach. A short trip up down the hill, we drop by an Elephant Santuary. Jaydon was too small for Elephant ride and we felt that it would not risky to bring him up the elephant, we chose to feed the elephant instead. It is difinitely a cheaper option then riding on and elephant as we just need to give a donation for the banana to feed the elephant.

Jaydon feeding the elephant

Daj stayed very near to Nai Harn & Rawai Beach. He told us that Nai Harn Beach & Rawai Beach is one of the best beach in Phuket. He drove pass Nai Harn Beach and from the top of the hill, I could see that both beach are indeed a beautiful beach. There are bays around Nai Harn Beach that is very suitable for children to swim. Too bad, we were not prepare to go into the water. The good thing about this place is that there are less crowd as compared to Patong & Kata.

At the end of Rawai Beach, there is a Sea Gypsy Village and Pearl Shops. The street shops that are selling the pearls are very cheap. My mom cannot believe that pearl is selling that cheaply. After enquirying with Daj, it is true that the Pearls are nature, however, they are consider the lowest grade and that’s the reason for the low in prices. We wonder on towards the Sea Gypsy Village, where fisherman came back from sea and sell their catch alone the beach. We bought a 1kg Sea Bass for S$4, Lobster for S$70, Giant Prawn for S$20, Squid too cheap to remember. We took our catch across the street to one of the few restaurent that will cooked for you at a price of $4 per Kg. Though it took a while before our food were served, we were very satisfied with our meal. My mom wanted us to come back here again the next day, but this place were too far away from our resort.

Sea Gypsy Fisherman Village

Our Seafood Lunch

After a satisfied lunch, Daj drove us to the Jungceylon – Patong maga shopping complex. The ladies did facial for $15 which lasted for an hour. I believe the “cheapness” was due to the price war that was happening between 4 different shops that was providing the service. While the lady’s were enjoying themselve, the guys including my son + Melissa, went shopping at Robinson. Being guys, we were not good shoppers. We landed ourselves at Starbuck where we rested our feet and have a coffee.

After the lady was done with their facial, Daj drove us to Patong Beach. We walk through the crowded streets towards Jungceylon while Daj waited for us there. We do not really enjoy the walk due to the humility and the crowd. Nothing much to buy… and as for myself, carrying Jaydon walking through the crowd was an agony. Upon reaching Jungceylon, we have our dinner at a Thai restaurent. Pretty expensive… The cost is slightly more expensive then our seafood lunch.

A long day for us today. While making our 45 mins journey back to our hotel, Jaydon was fast asleep in the Van. A long day for him as well.

Day 4 (6th Feb 2011)
Last day for my Aunt Family today. They will be making their trip back to Singapore in the evening, while we will continue to rest in Phuket for another 3 days.

After our breakfast, we went to the beach. While my aunt family is out in the sea canoeing, we stayed at the beach. The intention was to bring Jaydon to play with the sand at the beach. However, to our disappointment, Jaydon do not like the sand. He curled up his leg each time his feet touch the sand, clinging himself to Mary for his dear life.

Having fun at the beach

Look! Who is on the Canoe?

Oh! It is uncle and Edwin Canoeing …

Mel enjoying herself

Jaydon hanging on his dear life from the sand

After we had washed up and packed our bags, we checkout at 11.30am from the hotel. Daj was at the hotel to pick us up. As my aunt wanted to do some last minute shopping, Daj brought us to Central Festive Market. We hang around for about 2 hours in the complex. Well I guess the most enjoyable time for my mom and aunt was at the supermarket buying the fresh mango.

After all the shopping Daj drove us to a seafood restaurent somewhere near Laem Hin Habour. He told us that the restaurent is where locals go and not a tourist area. True enough, the menu was presented in Thai words and we could only point at the pictures to dictate what we want for our lunch. The food was good and the cost was was a peanut compared to the seafood lunch and dinner we had in Jungceylon in the previous day.

After lunch, Daj drove us to Courtyard Mariott @ Surin Beach where me and my family will spend the next 2 nights there. As cousin had to be back to camp (NS) the next day, they have to catch a flight back to Singapore. We checked-in to the hotel while Daj brought my aunt family to the airport.

Courtyard Suite Room is no where close to Westin Room (Bedroom)

Courtyard Suite Room is no where close to Westin Room (Living Area)

We rested a while before taking a evening stroll along Surin beach. We bought our dinner and decided to buy back to the hotel to eat. After dinner, while mary make Jaydon to sleep, I went to get a full body massage in one of the spa along the street.

Day 5 (7th Feb 2011)

We had our breakfast at the resort Momo Cafe. After breakfast, we brought Jaydon the kid’s club. Though we were not too impress with the rooms in Courtyard (as compared to Westin :)), the kid’s club is much bigger as compared to the westin. There is also a ball area where Jaydon enjoy himself. We brought Jaydon for a swim. Wanted to bring Jaydon to try the water slide, but after trying the slide myself, I felt that the speed of the slide is a bit too fast for Jaydon.

Jaydon in Mariott Kids Club

Jaydon love having the balls in the pool

Having fun in pool with mom!

In the evening, after Jaydon’s nap, we took a trip to Patong Jungceylon. I have made prior arrange and chose phuket Pickup Transfer ( for our transfer. I paid THB300 per trip as compared to THB500 offered by the taxi outside the hotel.

Back to the hotel at 9pm, mom and Mary went to have their massage while I made Jaydon to sleep tonight.

Day 6 (8th Feb 2011)
We checked out at 8am and we have our breakfast while waiting for Daj to pick us up from the resort. Daj arrived at 8.30am and we are in no time making our short trip to the airport. Daj alighted us in Terminal 1, only to find out that Tiger Airway is at Terminal 2. We walk a short distance before reaching terminal 2. A queue was formed and system broke down caused us to wait for an hour in the queue. Being last in the queue, we were obviously running late for our flight. After checking-in, we have to make our way back to Terminal 1. We missed all airport shopping as we cleared custom and head towards our plane.

Except for the last day at the airport, it was a well pace holiday for the family allowing enough time to travel around the island while spending most of our time resting and enjoying our time in the resort.

Arriving back in Singapore

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  1. Hi there, I chanced your blog when I was goggling some information for my Taiwan trip. Very detailed and nice blog you have there! Was wondering where you stayed for Hualien… and was the tour guide good? We haven’t booked our accoms for Hualien yet and was thinking of engaging the tour guide you had πŸ™‚

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