Hong Kong 2011

Day 1

Thinking of having a break before the mid-year, we took a short 4 days 3 nights trip to Hong Kong in May 2011 with Melvin & Jolene together with their 2 daughters. We flew on Tiger Airways. Since our flight was at early morning 6am, we took Jaydon from bed while he is still asleep, in his pajamas, and took a cab to the airport. Upon reaching the airport, Jaydon was already wide awake. Mel & Jo arrives shortly and the kids started playing in the indoor playground in the budget terminal. Soon we were on our flight to Hong Kong.

Reached Budget Terminal
6am playing in the airport playground
our flight to Hong Kong
We have reached Hong Kong..

We arrives Hong Kong at around 10.30am. For the whole trip, we will be staying at Regal Kowloon. The advantage of staying in Regal Kowloon is that there is a shuttle bus that fetches you to the hotel from the airport. The only problem with the shuttle bus, is that you got make walk a distance to Regal Airport Hotel to catch the shuttle. Not knowing the distance, we underestimate the time we have. We have to carry our heavy luggage and the kids across the airport rushing towards Regal Airport Hotel. Anyway.. we manage to catch the shuttle and we are on our way to our hotel.

Bus ride to Hotel

Upon checking in the hotel, after a long waiting time at the desk, we unload our luggage and we have our meal at a nearby cafe. After lunch we make our way to Kowloon. With the kids, we did not spend too long on the street of Kowloon/Tsim Sha Tsui, we choose to check ourselve in to isquare shopping mall and to do some retail therepy while enjoying the aircon.

Walk in the park after lunch
We are all ready to walk in Kowloon Street, with 2 stroller
Lost in Kowloon ?
Kowloon Street

While Jaydon is asleep, we made our way to Mongkok station. Next stop.. “Ladies Market” along Tung Choi Street, Mongkok.

Too tired to shop…
Yum Yum
Daddy & Jaydon in Ladies Street

As the sky turns dark, we took the train back to Tsim Sha Tsui Station. Trains are packed… due to the after-office crowd. Difficult to board the train with Jaydon on his pram.

Boarding the train is a challange

Mummy and children stays in the hotel, while daddy bought dinner for the kids.

Kaylene having fun in Hotel
Jaydon & Mireille having fun in hotel
Kids having fun in hotel

We met up with my Aunt and Uncle who was also in Hong Kong during the time.

Day 2

Day trip to Ocean Park. Bought the ticket directly from the hotel. We took a train to Admiralty Station. Outside the station, there will be buses that will go directly to Ocean Park. The rule of the thumb is to follow the crowd if you do not know where to go. We spend the rest our day at Ocean Park till evening.

Let’s Go …
Ocean Park
Photo with Dolphin
Me and Panda
Daddy & Jaydon
Lazy Panda
Golden Panda!!
Me, Mireille & Dino
fun with mom
Funny Face with Mom…

Day 3

Today just wanted to take things easy. From our hotel we took a walk to Victoria Habour. Took a ride on the Star Ferry across to Kong Kong Island. Walk across IFC towards the nearest Ting-Ting Tram stop. Not planning where we are going, we took the Tram all the way to Times Square. Pretty disappointed there… Since Jaydon is having a running nose, we decided to head back to the hotel. Mummy do some shopping around Kowloon, while Daddy brought Jaydon back hotel for nap. Not a bad choice. Manage to get some nap myself as well.

Victoria Harbour
On board the Star Ferry
Looking at Hong Kong Island
Our destination … at a distance
Lunch at corner cafe
TIn-Tim Tram.. where we board the tram
In the ting-ting tram

At night, we have dinner in one of the restaurant along the Bay. We thought we could catch the “Symphony of Lights” while having dinner. Unfortunately, the restaurant was not facing to the direction. After dinner, we took a walk along Avenue of Stars, before heading back to our hotel.

Day 4
Last day in Hong Kong. Since we wanted to spend the rest of the day at the Factory outlet, we checkout early. Upon checkout, we have dim sum for breakfast in nearby restaurant before taking the free shuttle back to airport. We left our luggage at the Left Baggage counter at the airport before taking a 10 mins bus ride to 東薈城名店倉(CITYGATE). Since we did not buy much during our 3 days in Hong Kong, we bought quite a fair bit in at CityGate. We shopped from 11am – 4pm before heading back to the airport.

Packing all our last minute shopping at Citygate at the airport

Catching the flight in the airport is an eventful experience for all of us. Not knowing the distance from the check-in counter to the plane, upon check-in, we spend the rest of our time at the main terminal having our dinner and feeding the kids. There was only around 45 minutes left and we thought that we should have ample time to the plane. When we were at immigration counter, we were shock to see the long queue. Upon clearing the immigration counter, we have 15mins left. But what we do not know, is to reach to the plane, we have to take 2 different set of trains to reach to another terminal (I presume is budget terminal). With 5 mins left on our watch, we reached the terminal. What we did not know is our gate is at the end of the terminal. Me carrying the pram and Mary carrying Jaydon, Melvin carrying Merielle and Jolene carrying Kaylene, we took a 500 M sprint across the terminal towards our gates. With the help of my uncle and aunt who was lighter in weight, they manage to stop to gate from closing, while we pant and huff towards the plane.

A tired Jaydon on the flight back …

What a trip to remember!

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