Kite Festival 2011

Melvin & Jolene together with their kids came over to our place for swim in the morning. After lunch the kids were having a good time playing. They played until 3.30pm, while the parents are enjoying sometime leaving the kids to enjoy by themselves. Seeing that Jaydon had miss his nap time, I suggested of going to Kite Festival which was organised by Act3 in Marina Promenade… and so we drive down to town.

Across the road
Across the road
Catch me if you can
We wanted to fly the kite, but daddy no skill…
Walking toward MBS
On the way, pick up goodies bag…
Here are the mummy…and Kaylene
Walking along the Promenade
Busker along the way…
A photo with rabbit
We have reached Marina Bay Sands… After a long walk
Ice Cream Time!
Funny Face
🙂 A happy day.. and a tiring day… slept while walking back to the car

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