Taiwan 2011 (17th Dec – 25th Dec)

Our family has always like going to Taiwan. This is our 3rd trip to Taiwan. For this trip, we travel together with my brother-in-law family (Goh Family) & my sister-in-law (Tham).

Why we love Taiwan so much? Looking through the expenses, we spend an average of $1600 per person(including Airfare, land transport and accommodation) for a 9 days wonderful holiday in Taiwan. We arrive in Taiwan on the 17th December (Jaydon’s birthday) and came back to Singapore on the 25th December (Mary’s birthday).

Following is our re-collection of our trip…

Day 1

Our flight from Singapore to Taipei on China Airline Departs at 1:35pm and arrived at Taoyuan Airport at 6.10pm. People has always the impression that China Airline is not safe. However, for both the return trip we have a present in-flight experience and the plane is new & well maintained.

We are leaving for Taiwan
Our flight
Playing with Nat & Sarah while waiting to board the plane

On arrival at Taoyuan, We arranged a 9-seater from Ms. Liu (+886-9-10919264) to fetch us from the airport to Dandy Hotel. Ms Liu also help me to arrange driver to bring us around Taipei in Day 3 and airport transfer on the last day. Ms Liu has 4 drivers, which I think her star driver is Mr Zhang.

Arriving in Taoyuan Airport

Upon checking in Dandy hotel, we had our dinner at a nearby restaurant that serve really yummy Unagi Bento Rice set. We wanted to visit師大夜市 tonight, but we were too exhausted.

I also have plans to buy a cake to celebrate Jaydon’s birthday, but he was too cranky and need to have an early rest for the night.

A long day for Jaydon
Street View from Dandy Hotel

Day 2

Getting ready for the day

Had our breakfast in the hotel. A small but good selection of breakfast in the boutique hotel.

Breakfast @ Dandy
Jaydon having fun in the lobby
Walking towards to MRT in Zhongshen

After breakfast we took a train and sat on bus R30 to National Palace Museum ( 國立故宮博物院). To our disappointment, the place is swamp by tour groups. Previously in our last trip, National Palace Museum was much peaceful then it was that day. I brought my stroller along, thinking that Jaydon can sleep in the Museum while we are there. We left the place early, while Goh & Tham family continue enjoying exploring the Museum.

Bus ride to National Palace Museum
Enjoying the Sun outside National Palace Museum

We brought Jaydon back to hotel for a nap, while Mary did some shopping at中山 in the afternoon. At the same time, Goh & Tham made a trip to Danshui.

When Jaydon woke up in the evening, the family met together at Jiantan station for Shilin Night Market.

Mummy & Jaydon having fun in the MRT
By the end of the trip, all the mini cars we bought in Shilin Night Market on the table were missing…

Day 3

After our breakfast, our van arrives at 9am. We are suppose to visit野柳,平溪放天燈,十分瀑布,九份老街,黃金瀑布,陰陽海 & 南雅奇岩. However, because of the heavy rain, we only manage to cover 野柳, 金瓜石, 黃金瀑布 & 陰陽海.

Start of our trip up North
Our wet excursion for the day
<野柳> – Raining but enjoying every moment
<野柳> – braving the rain and wind
Having fun in the rain
Let’s go for Lunch
Our Seafood lunch at 2pm
we reached 金瓜石 after being stuck in a jam in Jiufen.
Prize for braving the wind, rain and jam. too bad the gold is too heavy to be lifted
陰陽海 @ 5pm (Winter… short daylight)

In the evening, since we have missed most of the outdoor sites, we spend the evening at Miramar Entertainment Centre. I guess Jaydon must have enjoyed the most in Miramar Entertainment Centre, since he manage to find a toy shop with a wooden train set, which in the end, we bought him one too.

A tiring day, but cheer up with his new train toy

Day 4

We will took a high speed train from台北to 台中. We pre-purchased the ticket while we were back in Singaporeas previously when we were there, we have hard time securing our train ticket. We have engaged our former guide廖先生 to be our driver for our trip. We had a pleasant experience with him previously and we were not disappointed in this trip.

Our itinerary today: 台中 QiQi 日月潭puli 前往廬山住廬山溫泉

Train Departing at 8.30am
The family taking a picture on our way to QiQi
Our Family
We are at Qi Qi
Jaydon posing with his favourite train…
Boat Ride at Sun Moon Lake
We had Roasted Wild Boar

We make a quick stop over at Puli Winery before heading to 廬山溫泉 for the night.

Enjoying Spa Bath @ 廬山溫泉
Enjoying Spa Bath @ 廬山溫泉

This is the day I remember, that I dropped Jaydon twice carrying him bumping his head twice. Once at Qi Qi another time at Sun Moon Lake.. 😦

Day 5

After our breakfast we made our way up to 合歡山 which was 3275 Metres above Sea level. It was freezing cold up there…

Nice view of a lake on our way up
The Road Up the mountain
Getting sleepy in the car
Closed to the top… (it is pretty foggy at the top and you can’t see much today)

We made our way down to清境農場, which was much warmer, and the kids was happily feeding the sheep in the green pasture.

Where’s the sheep?
Don’t put me down! I am really really really scared….
At a distance will do. I am really really scared
Ok.. this is close.. but I am scared
Ok.. this is not too bad.
At Ease

After Lunch, we head back to台中 and stayed in a minsu recommendation by廖先生. It was convenient located at逢甲夜市, which we spend the rest our night walking the street.

Day 6

We left for Maoli Flying Cow Ranch where the kids spend the morning in the animal farm.

On the Tracker @ the farm
At the Ranch
Daddy & Jaydon
Jaydon Feeding the Goat.
Dad’s first time milking a cow, while Jaydon looks on..
Mummy & Jaydon Making Ice Cream
Jaydon enjoying the fruit of his labor

After lunch, 廖先生 brought us to大湖 to pick strawberry. We were surprise that the strawberry taste much better then the strawberries we picked at Adelaide and it definitely taste better then the Koreans strawberries. Though the strawberries were not as sweet as those in Japan, we were surprise why Taiwan strawberries were never sold in our supermarket back in Singapore. They were really sweet and big.

Let’s go pick some strawberries
That’s is the way to pick strawberries
I picked one…
We are done.. let’s go and eat the strawberries

After our harvest, we made our way to新社. Visited a Mushroom farm in新社 before we spend the night at our minsu (劦陶宛).

Mushrooms Farm

Day 7

After breakfast, the kids fed the goat and did some pottery in the minsu.

Breakfast at B&B
Feeding the resident Goat
Pottery Class
Work of Art

In the late morning, we spend the remaining time traveling around 新社, before heading back to the台中高鐵站 taking a train back to 台北.

We have reached lavendar Garden
A wooden Phone.. does it actually work?
Resting at a swing.
Which way should I go?
Too Tired
A nice place to walk
Daddy left a note for Mummy
Lunch Time

After checking into Howard Hotel in Taipei, we took a cab to 西門町.

Toilet bowl dinner
Yummy Ice Cream

Day 8

Last official day in Taipei.

After breakfast in the hotel, The father and kids laze around in the rooms, while mum & aunt went to do buy some foodstuff to bring back to Singapore.

In the afternoon, we took a train to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (國立國父紀念館) and from there we walked toward Taipei 101 where we spend the rest of Christmas Eve in the area, before heading back to the hotel for an early night before our early departure back to Singapore the next morning..

A walk in park in Sun Yat-sen Memorial
Many dog lovers brings their dog there, especially during the weekend
Cute Doggy
I am going to catch the dog

2 thoughts on “Taiwan 2011 (17th Dec – 25th Dec)

  1. hi hi, how old is jayden when he went to the dec trip.. Can you share how you prepare his solids during the trip? Btw, how long is the ride from tai chung to 清境農場? possible to go there from taipei..

    1. Hi Serene, Jaydon was 3 years old. Food not a problem in Taipei. We were also in Taipei when jaydon was 2 years old, also no problem in food. Their food is similar to sg. We generally feed jaydon Taiwanese Bento rice…

      From Taipei to taichung is to take high speed train. It is an hour ride. from Taichung, there is bus to green green grassland, but we prefer to have a driver. More convenient with a kid.

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