Dunsborough / Margaret River (Day 7 – Nov 2014)

We decided to spend a lazy day along the Geographe Bay area.  Since we are staying at Dunsborough, we brought the younger kids to the beach behind the lodge for a play.  The water was shallow and calm, but it seems that it is probably not the best stretch of beach alone Dunsborough bay. The kids have much fun in the water before the kids reluctantly head back to the lodge for their breakfast.

day 7-1
Walk to the Beach

day 7-4

day 7-2

Calm and Shallow water @ Dunsborough Bay

day 7-3
He is careful walking on the sand

After breakfast, we head north towards Busselton Jetty which was a 15 mins drive. The jetty stretches 1.8km out to the sea. My extended family decided to head out and walk alone the Jetty. Since this is our second time to the Jetty, we decided not to make the walk but to head to the nearby cafe instead, to have our coffee with our parents.

day 7-8
Busselton Jetty


day 7-6
Can you see the Busselton train? It brings you to the end of the jetty.

day 7-5




day 7-9


day 7-11
We-fie with the family in the cold cold wind

2014-11-21 11.10.30
Playing at the park

It was late morning when we decided to head to Ngligi Cave for some “exploration” before lunch. Ngilgi Cave is located in the Geographe Bay and it is about 20 mins drives back to south. The cave is relatively small in comparison to the other caves in Margaret river, but it is a fascinating cave with stunning stalactite, stalagmite, helicitite and shawl formations. We took the Semi Guide Show Cave Tour before we explored the cave on our own. The kids was initially worried, but they were exploring and wandering freely once they get accustomed to the darkness (with Daddy & mummy watchful eye) .



day 7-12

day 7-13

day 7-14

day 7-15

day 7-18

day 7-17

day 7-16

day 7-189JPG


day 7-19

Lunch was at Clancy Fish pub (5 mins from Ngligi Cave). They served really nice fish and chips. More importantly, they is a play area for the kids to chill!


day 7-24PG

day 7-22PG

day 7-20JPG

day 7-21JPG



day 7-23PG

day 7-25PG

Craving for some desserts, we head up to Simmo’s Icecream @ Dunsborough.

day 7-26PG

day 7-27PG

They have many favors of ice cream and they are famous for their rich and tasty ice cream. What make this place a good stop over is because of a huge expanses of lawn and playground for the kids.

day 7-30PG

day 7-29PG

While the adults enjoy their ice cream, the kids could have their fun in the playground and feed Edward the Emu (caution: he loves Ice cream!).

day 7-28PG

day 7-301PG

It is a pretty nice place to chill and relax!

We end the day with Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse. We bought the fully guided tour to the guide house. When we reached there, the last tour actually ended. However, the friendly tour guide decided to do another tour just for us. He brought us up to the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse and  provided us with a fascinating insight into the functions of the working lighthouse.


day 7-37PG

The view from the lighthouse was breathtaking. We could have a 360 view across the Indian Ocean and the and the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. While up there, we doing some whale spotting and we thought we did manage to spot a pot of whales.

day 7-33PG

\day 7-34PG

day 7-35PG

day 7-36PG
It is really cool and windy up here!

day 7-32PG
Group Shot before heading back

We make our way back to town. Drop by Coles for some groceries to cook for the night. Tonight menu is going to be – Australia Steak! Again!!

day 7-38PG

day 7-39PG

Children waiting for dinner to be served while mom’s preparing the meal.

day 7-40PG

End of a long, tiring but enjoyable day!


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