Mandurah (Day 8 – Nov 2014)


Today is the day that we will leave Dunborough Bay towards our final destination Perth. We have an hearty breakfast (clear all the stock in the fridge) and make our way to the town of Mandurah. Mandurah is a nice town which we visited in our last trip to Perth. It looks like a small scale version of Venice where houses  and home are built along the canal. We love Mandurah because of the abundance of parks, rivers and canals. It is probably one of the town I would love to retire in when I grow old (if permitted).

Saying goodbye to the neighborhood we stayed in.


Lunch time!

2014-11-22 12.40.57

On reaching Mandurah after 1.5 hr drives, I called up Mandurah Dolphin Tour and book a cruise tour with them. Since the next available tour slot was at 2pm, we decided to have our lunch at a mall in Mandurah. The adults have some time to shop before heading to Dolphin Quay which our tour will commence. Mandurah Dolphine Tour is one of the cheaper agency for the tour around Mandurah.  We took the Quay to Quay 90 minute Scenic Dolphin Cruise. During the cruise, the captain provides the commentary as he describes Mandurah’s historic past and future plans. The tour took us from Dolphin Quay to the Forte’ Resort Mandurah Quay in Erskine. Along the was, we passed Venician canals, saw huge mansions, heritage listed pioneer sites, vast wetlands and enjoyed a brief company of wild Dolphins.

2014-11-22 13.56.49

2014-11-22 13.58.57

2014-11-22 14.09.51

2014-11-22 15.27.04









2014-11-22 15.01.12

2014-11-22 15.05.41

We cruised back to Dolphin Quay at around 4pm. We decided to head to my favourite Dome cafe which is beside the park and the river. Just love the environment.

2014-11-22 16.13.30 2014-11-22 16.13.50

After having our caffeine dosage, we  make our way back to Perth. The journey took us another 1.5 hrs before we are back to Perth Travelodge.

2014-11-22 16.41.19

Night dinner, we drove to chinatown for a dim sum dinner. Unfortunately, the gay parade gave a bit of a scare to the older folks and the kids.

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