Osaka (Day 2 – Nov 2015)

Staying in Shin-Osaka is one of the risks we took when we decided to base ourselves in Osaka. Not knowing how far is the train station to the accommodation and the distance to central Osaka. However, it was not too bad. Though Shin-Osaka don’t really have much area for shopping or for food, there was quite a bit of reasonable cafe and restaurant in Shin-Osaka station itself. From our accommodation to the metro station, it requires us to climb an overhead bridge and head across the Shin-Osaka Train Station, which took us about 10 mins. We had no complaint, as Jaydon was happily climbing the bridge and looking down on the train.


Taking the metro was initially intimidating. It takes a while to determine how to purchase tickets and where you will be alighting. Therefore it would be better to carry a pre-paid metro card like the ICOCA card, without the need use the vending machine. But once you get the hang of it.. everything should be fine. In Shin-Osaka, there is an information booth with Chinese speaking guide to help you to guide you on the purchase of the train ticket. So we were in good hand that day.


He was not nervous, just having some fun in expression while taking the train ride. There was enough seats for the 3 of us. I guess that’s the advantage of waking up late in the morning, as you would miss the morning peak hour.

We headed for Shinsaibashi. We had our brunch in one of the cafe at Shinsaibashi station. For that day, Jaydon’s task was to taste all the food in Osaka and determine if it is a thumbs up or down.


After brunch, we headed to Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade to search for a winter jacket for Jaydon. Landed up shopping at the usual UniQlo and H&M.


After searching for the whole afternoon, finally decided on a black starwar’s jacket in Uniqlo. However, no size. Sales Lady was friendly. Referred us a an English speaking Sales person who help us reserved a piece in another outlet in Namba. After getting some direction from staff, we continue our journey down the street of Shinshabashi.


Lunch Break in Shinshabashi before heading to Dotonbori


Start of Dotonbori which is also the start of eating street food at Dotonbori



Osaka is famous for their Takopachi. Dontorbori is the place to try some.. though we felt is a bit overrated.


FotorCreated2-10 FotorCreated2-11

Before we know it, we have spend the whole afternoon just shopping and eating at Dotonbori. We were tired when we reached the end of the street in Dotonbori, but we decided to continue to Namba to pick up the jacket for J.

Along the way, had some ice cream in the cold… which was an experience for J.


We kept walking and we managed to find the jacket. We were too tired to further venture around Namba. We decided to come back some other days.We bought some dinner and head back to our resting nest.



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