Tokyo Disneyland (Day 7 – Dec 2015)

No Narration needed for this post, since it is all about having fun in Tokyo Disneyland. (getting lazy ….) I guess the pictures should be enough to bring the memory on the time we spent in Tokyo Disneyland.

At the hotel, we are all ready for Disneyland today. Christmas in Disneyland add the warmth to the cold weather on the day.


The entrance to Disneyland was amazing.


First stop was Star Tours  == Star Wars.


It was at this time when we realized that we could get an advance pass to the attraction. To get an advance pass, you need to go to the advance pass vending machine and book an advance time for your entry to the attraction.  Tips: download the Disneyland apps on your mobile phone, it would tell you the queue time of the all the attraction in Disneyland. With the queue time, you can decide which attraction you want to get the advance pass. Once you get the advance pass, you would not be able to get another advance pass for another attraction within 2 hours.


Daddy and Jaydon went for Grand Circuit Race Track (Closed permanently from Jan 2017), while mummy stays outside. Note: The picture below is a radiation detection card. You can see that there is no radiation in Tokyo.


Mummy bought Jaydon popcorn in Mr Potatohead. It is an highlight for Jaydon. The other highlight for Jaydon is buying Star Wars merchandised.


We were at ToonTown and we had our lunch there.


Fantasy land was our next stop.



Parade in Disneyland is a must…. but the long wait in the cold is torturous. I got a massive leg cramp after the parade.


After the parade, we continue to walk and enjoy yourself in Disneyland.



Definitely need to take a picture with the iconic castle of Disneyland.


Night was magical in Disneyland.


However, the full day in Disneyland was tiring. As night falls, we were tired and hungry.


However, we had to end the night with the night parade in Disneyland.



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