Tokyo DisneySea (Day 8 – Dec 2015)


Though the sky was gloomy when we left for DisneySea, it did not dampen our mood.


We were looking forward in meeting our friends (the Hor Family) who we had arranged to meet in DisneySea on the day.


When we enter DisneySea, it started to rain. While waiting for the Hor Family (Aunt Siow Sha, Jeremy and Joanna), we decided to brave the rain to the Toy Story attraction to get an advance pass. To our surprise by the time we got an advance pass for it, the time slot that was assigned to us was at 6pm!!



By the time we returned to the main entrance to catch the water parade,  Jaydon’s shoe was all wet and we had no choice but to buy him a rain boot (@$35) as his shoe was wet.


Despite the rain, the mood in DisneySea gotten more lively when the Hor Family arrived at the theme park.


After our first adventure together at 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, we head to Mermaid Lagoon, which is probably one of the few attraction for younger kids.


All the grown ups had a chance to be young again in this “underwater” playground.


Jeremy and Joanna heads to the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride, while the old and young decided to stay on to Mermaid Lagoon and immerse into the fantasy world of Octopus, Clamps and Fishes.


Before heading for the Arabian Coast, we were all ready for lunch at Vulcania Restaurant. I have no recollection of what we did in Arabian Coast. I could not recall if we visited any attraction in the area, as the only picture I have was this group shot outside Arabian Coast. I need the help from the Hor Family on recalling my memory. (Short term memory lost + blog was written nearly 1 year after our trip).



We head to Indiana Jones Adventure to get an advance pass for it, before heading for Storm Rider (Attraction has since been closed permanently) for another exciting ride in a futuristic airplane (a “StormRider”) going into a weather storm. The attraction closed on May 17, 2016 and will be replaced by a new Finding Nemo/Finding Dory simulator ride, which will open in spring 2017.


Mr Potato Head pop-corn caught Joanna’s eyes and she cannot resist buying one for all to share.


While eating the pop corn from Mr Potato head, we made our way to American Waterfront for a Mickey & Friends show – A Table is Waiting. This attraction will be closed in March 2017.


Indiana Jones Adventure was next for the brave boys and girls, while Mummy had accompany Jaydon outside the attraction as he was a bit too fearful to step into the Temple of Doom.


Evening came early when you hope that the day will be longer.


While the Hor Family is having their dinner, we rushed back Toy Story Mania! for our assigned slots which we have gotten an advance pass for in the morning. We understand why Toy Story Mania! was so hot. It was really fun going through Fun Fare games in 4D. In our opinion, it is one of the best attraction in DisneySea.



We end the magical night in DisneySea watching the Sky High Wishes show at the lake front. Though we were disappointed that there were no fireworks that night due to the rain, the colors, lights and laser performance didn’t disappoint us and we left DisneySea with 2 thumbs up.


In general, while suitable for all ages, Tokyo DisneySea was designed to specifically also appeal to a more grown up audience. We thank God for the Hor Family with us in DisneySea. We had so much fun with them that the rain didn’t dampen our mood.


Jaydon missed them so much that he wanted to meet up with them the next day. So we planned to meet each other the next day in Harajuku.

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