Osaka – Last Day (Day 15 – Dec 2015)

Last day in Osaka. Being in Osaka, we felt that we need to at least visit Osaka Castle at least once. Osaka Castle is located within Osaka Castle Park. To access to the Castle tower, you need to navigate pass citadels, gates, turrets, impressive stone walls and moats. We took at train to Morinomiya station. On exit, there was a playground and Jaydon had fun while making friends with the locals.

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We did not realize the distance from the playground to the Castle. It was a long walk to the Castle tower.



In our opinion, there is nothing really much you could do in the tower except going to the top and take a bird eye view of the surrounding. There are exhibits and multimedia, however, they were all in Japanese.



We exited  Osaka Castle and decided to walk from the back of the tower towards Osaka Business Park Station toward Umeda stations . We wanted to bring Jaydon to Kids Plaza Osaka, which is a kids museum where the kids can have fun in. From Umeda to the Kids Plaza was a daunting 20 mins walk in the cold.  Unfortunately, the place was close on the day when we reached there.  It was a disappointment for Jaydon but even more so, me! I read good reviews about this place and we thought we could end our trip on a high note in Kids Plaza Osaka.

Looking at google map, we are standing in a place that we are unfamiliar. Did a quick search and notice that there is an Owl cafe nearby. We caught a cab and made our way to the cafe. The Cafe opened in the afternoon. So we hang around had some snacks before the place open at 1 pm.




After the Owl cafe, we returned back to the hotel to rest before heading to the train station for our dinner and taking our final ride to the airport.



It was a fun filled 15 days holiday in Japan. With the Hor Family in Tokyo, it was fun and a beautiful holiday in Japan.

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