Singapore to Hokkaido(Hakodate) – Day 1

It is our long awaited trip to Hokkaido. We had our dinner at Crystal Jade @ Terminal 2 before heading for our flight to Tokyo Haneda Airport en route to Hokkaido (Hakodate).

At that time, Changi Airport had various Pokemon exhibits and activities. Jaydon is  crazy obsessed about Pokemon and so we obliged and had some fun with him in the airport before heading for our flight.

Toy Shop at Changi Airport! More window shopping for the boy… but no buying!

At last we are on our way to our plane…

We settled well on ANA 787 Dreamliner and we were on our way to Tokyo Haneda Airport.

It is a red-eye flight and we ZZzzzzz to Tokyo. As you can see, Jaydon did not have a good sleep on flight and as a result, a moody boy in Haneda Airport with a tummyache.

Haneda Airport is huge. In order to transit to a domestic flight to Hakkaido, we need to take a bus to the domestic terminal. The bus journey took us 20 mins and it was pretty stuffy. Did not do well with a grumpy kid.

Upon reaching the domestic airport, we had our breakfast.

Some food and some ipad games, brings the smile back to Jaydon. However, Mary was down with a flu and was feeling really unwell.

The flight to Hokkaido took us about 90 mins. Upon reaching Hokodate, we collected our bags and went to find out the bus to the city.

The bus from the Airport to the city comes at a regular interval and it stops in major hotels and train station.

It was a 30mins journey to town, and we were fortunate the the bus stop opposite our hotel – Hakodate Kokusai Hotel.

Mummy is too sick to go out and she had to rest in the hotel. Daddy went round to buy some dinner for mummy. Jaydon is getting restless and Daddy decided to bring him out for a walk round the neighborhood + dinner. As usual, he took some persuasion before he is willing to go out.

A hot bath ends the day for the family, and we are hoping that mummy will be better the next day.

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