Hokkaido (Hakodate) – Day 2

We woke up and were surprised and excited when we realized that it was snowing outside.

It was freezing outside and we so we took a cab to Hakodate Morning Market. On reaching the Market, we were greeted with restaurant & shops selling seafood. Being in a Seafood market, I guess we need to have seafood for breakfast. We wanted to order & try the famous Dancing Squid sold in Hakodate Morning Market. Unfortunately, out of stock.

Looking back, this was probably our best seafood meal. Mummy feels that the seafood was fresh and the price is reasonable.  Too bad, Jaydon don’t enjoy seafood even though his meal was nicely placed on Anpanman plate.

After breakfast we spend the time wandering around the market.

The snow on the ground has harden to ice. It was hard walking outdoor, though Jaydon enjoys the sliding on the ice. Walking inside the market was nicer – dry ground & it was much warmer then the outside.

We tend to think that the price of Seafood in Hakodate is cheaper then Sapporo. Not sure if our sentiments are accurate. What do you think?

Jaydon love to stay indoor, away from the outdoor chill.

Jaydon is holding on an expensive branch of Grapes (SGD$18).

From Hakodate Morning Market, we walked to  the the Red Brick Warehouse.

Along the way, we have some fun in the snow.. (in an open carpark!!)

Though the surrounding is beautiful, people from the tropic was unable to take the cold and so we decided to head indoor.

Inside the warehouse are shops selling stuff, mostly for tourist. The interior fits well for the occasion of Christmas.


We have been walking since morning. We will seize any opportunity to rest our tiring legs.

Till we unable to take it and we need to a proper rest. Cakes and Coffee is always welcome by the family, especially more when Snaffles can be found there!

After the tea-break we took a cab to  Mt Hakodate Ropeway. We took the cable car up to Mt Hokodate, where we could see the whole town from the Mt Hakodate. It was beautiful up there, but when it is beautiful, you have huge crowd of tourists as well.

We have reached the summit!

View before sunset

View after sunset

We end the night by having our dinner at Lucky Pierrot.


After dinner, we took a evening stroll back to our hotel while enjoying the Christmas illumination along the street heading back to our hotel.

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