Munich – Seefeld (Day 11)

We arrived at Munich railway station at 5am, after an overnight train from Budapest. The car rental only opens at 6am and so we had our morning coffee at Starbucks while looking out the window towards Munich City.

After picking up our car, we were on our way to Seefeld.

Along the way, we passed by small quaint alpine towns.

Stop at a few train crossroad..

Driving along with the train ..

Lovely landscape..

And after 2 hours on the road, we reached the town of Seefeld.

Seefeld is an Alpine town in the Austrian state of Tyrol. We will be staying next few days in Seefeld skiing and enjoying the snow.

The next few days, we will be staying at Hans Abanico. It is a ski-in ski-out apartment, with a ski shop conviniently located at the ground floor.

The Apartment was huge

And what make it a great place to stay is that mummy can look out of the balcony and see us ski on the slope.

Which we did! Me and Jaydon, hit to the ski, once we reached Seefeld. While we were at the slope. Mummy and Aunt May, went to town to check out the shops.

And Aunt Lynna, was the best, she cooks for us, ensuring that we have a good dinner after our ski.

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