Hokkaido (Tomamu) – Day 10

Though the sun glare was shining through the window, we slept in and decided to wake up late in the still winter morning. The trees rustle occasionally when the snow falls from the roof of the building.



It was late morning when we decided to wake up and have our breakfast. Being warm indoor, away from the cold, we are reluctant to leave our room.



However, being at Tomamu, we need to enjoy the snow! So after wearing our layers of clothes, we were out for the fun in the snow.



Being lazy, we decided to take the free shuttle bus to the tower resort. While waiting for the bus, we had fun on the slope.

We bought the sled from Tao Bao and it was very handy for the trip. Anywhere we find a slope, we will use the sled to ride down the slope.


We did not stop sleding. Once we reached the tower resort, we found more slopes and people having fun in the snow. We took our sled out and we were having fun together with everyone else.

When we get tired from the sledding, we built snow man …

… and went into snow fight!

… and making snow angel.

We met some family from China and befriended them. Soon we were having snow fight with one another..

Photo opportunity with Reindeer was available in the resort. Reindeer in the snow seems like a cool thing for tourist and it add the Christmas mood in the report. However, you will come to realize their poo and wee is a nuisance on the snow, especially, if you find yourself trying to dodge away from the poo and wee when coming down a slop in your sled.

Cold and snow does make one to be hungry. We decided to head down to GAO Outdoor Centre to check out the activities as well as lunch options.

After Lunch, we head to Activity Centre and sign ourselves up for Snow-ski.

The ride brings us away from the resort and from a distance we could see ski resort and the surrounding mountains.

There are other activities like banana boat ride.

We did not join the ride on the boat. Decided to end the day by doing more sledding on various available “vehicle” at the activity centre.


It was the whole day in the cold and we decided that it was time to head back.

A last look back at the scenery while making our way back to our lodge!

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