Hokkaido (Asahikawa) – Day 11

It will be a long drive for the day. Because of that, we checkout from our accommodation and started our journey when day break. The journey to Asahikawa from Tomamu will take us 3 hours. The next leg of our journey will take us another 3-4 hours from Asahikawa to Sopporo.

We drove all the way to Asahikawa for its well known zoo – Asahikawa Zoo which have a penguin parade. We reached Asahikawa ahead of time and waited for the gate to open at 10am.

The scheduled time of the penguin walk is at 11am. While waiting, we visited the star of the zoo in their enclosure.

While it is still early, we further explore the zoo.

From far we saw the crowd was building fast along the track of the penguin parade. The track was painted red at the side of the track. We found a spot along the track and waited for the time of the parade. At 11am, the parade started and the king penguin made their way along the track.

The penguin walked up the track and it took them 30 mins to make the return trip. We waited for them to head up the hill and waited for them to return.

When the penguin heads back to the enclosure, we tighten our snow clip on our shoe, to head further into the zoo.

Our legs were getting tired from all the working. We decided to head to asahikawa ramen village for our lunch. Too many choices of shop and ramen. So we decided to look for one restaurant that is crowded, yet with seats.

We left Asahikawa around 2pm for Sopporo. Along the way, we stopped by rest stop for coffee break.

We reached Sapporo around 5pm. By then sun had set. We check into our hotel (Ibis Style Sapporo) and with our last ounce of energy, we took the train from our hotel to the city for our dinner.

After dinner, being recharged by the carbo that we have, we decided to walk back to the hotel for a good night rest!

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