Hokkaido (Sapporo) – Day 13

We rented the car for another day. Our plan is to head to Sapporo Chocolate Factory and Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium.

Jaydon after recently watching Charlie and the Chocolate factory, he has been fascinated with Willi Wonka Chocolate factory. He was excited that we were visiting the Sapporo Chocolate Factory.

On entering the factory. He came to realize that that the reality is different from a fantasy Chocolate factory. There were no Oompa-Loompas in a land full of chocolate and candies.

Jaydon got to see how the chocolate and cookies were manufactured, mainly through machines and automation. The process was fascinating and we spent some time observing the process of Chocolate making. Though we would have preferred that Oompa-Lumpa were the one who dance and sing while making the chocolates.

We came to the end of the tour, where we are allowed to create our own chocolate biscuit. Jaydon was unwilling to have a try on creating his how chocolate biscuit. At the end, mummy need to do it herself, while Jaydon was sulking away.

When mummy is done with the chocolate biscuit, we decided to have some snacks in the cafe.

Before leaving the chocolate factory, we spend the reminding time in the small toy museum. Jaydon was amazed by the collection of Pokémon figurine.

Heading back to Sapporo, we went up to Ōkurayama Ski Jump Stadium. It was mention on TripAdvisor that this was a good place to have a good birds eye view over the city of Sapporo.

What they did not mention to us is the steep ride up the lift chair to the top to the ski ramp.

Once we reached to the top of the ski ramp, there was an observatory which overlook Sapporo, giving a panoramic view of the entire city.

Going down on the chair lift was as scary as going up. Well, at least we managed to get down the hill safely.

Night fall and we are ready for an hearty meal. We wanted to try the popular mutton BBQ of Sapporo. There are many BBQ stall around Sapporo but we chose this one – ajino-hitsujigaoka.com

Dinner really nice and hearty. We enjoyed the BBQ lamp, and it was so yummy that we bought 2 serving of it. It goes really well with hot rice and cold beer. Most of the patrons were locals and they were friendly, talking to us and asking us where we are from.

We left with a satisfied dinner, though we smell with BBQ.

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