Hokkaido (Sapporo) – Day 14

Last day in Sapporo. We decided to take it slow.

We decided to head to Jyogai Ichiba (Sapporo Central Wholesale Market) also known as Curb Market. A restaurant/ wholesaler, Kita No Gourmet, provide free shuttle bus from all hotels within Sapporo. Booking for the shuttle bus is easy.  The travel desk at the hotel made the reservation for us and the bus picked us up from the hotel. The only condition for the free shuttle bus is that we need to dine or buy seafood from them. So we decided to head up to Jyogai Ichiba for breakfast that day.

We find that the seafood here is not as nice as the one we had in Hakodate Morning Market. The price is more expensive as Hakodate. As a result, we order less during our visit to Jyogai Ichiba.

After our breakfast, we walked around the area. The area is not exactly big. Most of the stalls or shop are selling the same thing. After walking down and up the rows of shops, we decided to do our shopping back in Jyogai Ichiba.

The advantage of shopping in  Jyogai Ichiba, is that they provide free delivery to our hotel. Therefore, we did not need to lugged the seafood that we bought around. At the end, we bought 1 box of scallop and 1 box of king crab (legs). The scallop is a must-buy. It is really sweet and firm. As for the king crab, it was nothing fancy about it. And yes, the item we bought arrived safely at the hotel the next day, packed nicely in a styrofoam box.

We took the shuttle bus and asked the driver to alight us at Sapporo train station. Wanted to do some shopping around the area.

We had a late lunch and did some shopping in Damairu. The below picture was taken out the toilet!! The kid and mom cannot resist the pile of snow.


Around 4.30pm, we made our way to Odori Park for the White Illumination and German Christmas Market. It was snowing heavily but we brave through the snow in Odori Park.

Given the last night, we walked all the way from Odori Park back to our hotel.


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