Perth to Dunsborough – Day 3

23 June 2017 – We departed from Perth towards Dunsborough. Since it was a Friday, we decided to head to Fremantle weekend Market. We had our breakfast in the market.

Fruits stall in Fremantle are colored with fruits and we cannot resist from buying some for our trip.

A quick walk around in the market. Jaydon was getting a bit bored, till he found some amazing beads that absorb water to form some gelatin crystal balls – no photos :(.

After a quick phototaking, we are on the road again.

We stopped by Mundurah to take a cruise, hoping that we have the chance to see some dolphins.

We have the back row seats to ourselves.

It was a 2 hours cruise, so we practically have the chance to wander around the boat without missing a spot for photo.

Boat Captain, stopped by Nino’s to get our fish and chip lunch on the boat.

Dolphin watching takes some patience. We were on deck most of the time, hoping to find some dolphins.

After some time, when the boat started to go into deeper part of the canals, we began to sight Dolphins! Captain of the boat started to steer the boat closer to the Dolphin.After some time, the Dolphins started to surf a long side with the boat.

Jaydon was trilled but all good thing must come to an end. While the Dolphins fascinated us  with their swims, the seagulls on land fascinated with their hunger for food.

Did a stopover at Bunbury Farmers Market, to get some groceries for our stay in Dunsborough

We reached our lodge. It was dark and was having a hard time finding the key to get us into the lodge. After looking around the place for 15 mins, we manage to find the key in a “secret safe”. After dinner, which was prepared by the seasoned chef, we were too tired and was “knock out”.

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