Perth – Day 1 & 2

We did a short getaway to Perth during the June school holiday. This trip, Grandma, Uncle Elston and Aunt Lili will be joining us. The plan is that we will arrive one day earlier, while they will join us the day after.

For our family, we took Flyscoots to perth, since this is the most economical option. It was a pretty nice flight, given that they are flying on Dreamliner – 787.

We took the taxi for our stay in Ibis Perth. Hotel was small but good enough for a night stay. On arriving to Perth, our first dinner is Mcdonald and we tabao back to our hotel. It was raining and freezing.

Next day, we had breakfast in Mcdonald  (again!). By this time, Mummy was getting a bit upset for eating Mcdonald. After breakfast, mummy and Jaydon headed back to the hotel, while daddy when to Hertz to pick up the rental car. After checking-out from the hotel, Mummy went shopping at Watertown Factory outlet, while Daddy and Jaydon went Scitech for some hands on science experience. This is our second time at Scitech.


We met mummy for lunch at Watertown Factory outlet.

Jaydon rested, while mummy continue to shop.

After shopping, we check-in to an airbnb accommodation near the airport, as we anticipated the arrival of Grandma, Uncle and Aunt.

Once the “guests” arrived, we had our first chinese meal at Chinatown.



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