Hokkaido (Sapporo) Last Day – Day 16 / Day 17

After being caught in a snow storm the day before and our flight was cancelled, we were hoping that we would be able to fly out of Sapporo on the day. It was sunny and the street was peaceful and quiet. Though hope was high, we are keeping our optimism controlled.

As much as we struggled the previous day to make our way to Sapporo from the airport, it was as bad making our way back to the airport today.

First problem – We were unable to get any taxi on the street. We tried calling for a taxi, however, all taxi company was engaged. In the end, we have to walk about 5 blocks to the nearest subway station, dragging our luggage along the thick snow.

Second problem – When we reached the train station, we found out that all train services were cancelled. We realized that we might not be in time for our flight out of Sapporo. Because of that, we decided to take a cab to the airport.

Third problem – The queue for cab was really long. I guess that’s the reason why we were unable to get a cab from our accommodation. After a long wait, we managed to get a cab to the airport which cost us around SGD150 for the ride.

Forth Problem – On reaching the airport, it was a people everywhere. Everyone was trying to get check-in and get into the gates. We were late for our flight and we pleaded our way through to the front of the check-in counter. It was a relieve to know that our flight was delayed when we were at the counter.

Fifth Problem – After a long queue to clear immigration, we were in the waiting area for our flight. By this time, we were hungry and tired. However, all selves at the shops were emptied. There was no food to buy to feed ourselves. Thank goodness we managed to grab a bento earlier the day, and we shared the bento between the 3 of us.

We managed to salvage some snacks (which was meant to be brought back as gifts) for Jaydon.

All the misery for the day was gone, when announcement were made that we can board the plane heading for Fukuoka.

Our flight to Fukuoka was smooth and we reached Fukuoka at 7pm and we were so happy to touch down in Fukuoka.

We checked-in to the hotel and had our Christmas Eve dinner in Fukuoka. We were tired, but we were happy!

There was a a Christmas eve celebration and count down to Christmas. We were, however, too tired to party on.

He is definitely all ready to party!

Instead, we had our small snack party in our hotel room.

The next day, it is the day we will make our journey back to Singapore. It was Christmas on the day we return back. Our flight to Singapore was on Singapore Airline. SQ was so cool. They arranged Christmas pack for kids and serve Christmas snacks for passengers.

They even created their own photo booth!

The gesture really make that journey a memorable one for us, despite the last few days of stress!

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