Busselton, DonnyBrook & Harvey – Day 5

We are leaving Dunsborough & Margaret River region. Before we head North, bid farewell to the region by visiting the Cape Natiraliste Lighthouse. It is 10 mins drives from our lodge in Dunsborough.

Probably it is too early. Jaydon got a bit cranky. He fell when walking towards the lighthouse and make a fuss about it. Daddy felt that it was so amusing that he took some picture for memory.

In future, when Jaydon see this picture, he will remember how whiny he was when he was younger. 🙂

Eventually, we reached the lighthouse.

Though Jaydon at times was whiny, he is generally happy and cheerful.

Uncle helping Jaydon down from the window ledge of the lighthouse after taking the above photo.

From Cape Naturaliste, we drove to Busselton Jetty. This is our 4th time to the Jetty. It is a nice place to chill.

It was a short stop for us at the Jetty. Gotten some coffee and some photo opportunity before we are on the road towards DonnyBrook.

We have arranged apple picking for the family at Spring Valley Orchard. However, due to emergency circumstances to the owner, the Orchard was closed. We went next door and found a warehouse selling fruits. No one was around. We just picked the fruits and put the cash into the cash box.

After getting the fruits, we head down to Donnybrook town for lunch. While looking for a place for lunch in town, a passerby recommended us Lunch at Donnybrook Hotel Cafe.

We had our lunch and everyone was fast asleep in the car while I drove 2 hours to our next destination – Blue Hills Farmstay.

Everyone was excited when we arrived. We got a Chalet that is on top of hill facing the plains.

After settling down in the chalet, we were out for a walk around the compound. Blue Hills Farmstay is huge and it has some play area for kids to have fun.

Walking down the hill, we were greeted by the farm animals. We took some carrots (which the owner prepared a bag for us) to feed the farm animals.

Walking further down the hill, we can see our chalet from the distance.

As the sun was setting, we decided to head back to the chalet to prepare our dinner for the night.

Our dinner tonight is the Western Australian Marron (fresh water lobster). As instructed by the farmer, we place the live marron in freezer until marron no longer move but are not frozen. Uncle is the only one that dare to handle the Marrons.

After washing the Marrons, it is straight into the hot boiling water.

The result is a yummy Marron dinner beside the fireplace.

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