Harvey to Perth – Day 6

After breakfast, it is time to feed the animals in the farm.

Jaydon love carrying the rabbits. He was so pro at it that I was amazed on how he handled with them.

And so pro at handling the rat!

Farmer Jane arrived soon after we fed the animals. The first thing Farmer Jane get the kids to do was to  bring the hay to the Alpaca.

Farmer Jane taught the kids how to milk the cow.

Next is to ride the miniature horse in the farm which Jaydon seems to enjoy.

From far, we can see that Jaydon was having a good time riding the horse and have a conversation to Farmer Jane.

After feeding the animals and ‘walking’ the horse, we hopped on the Ute and Farmer Jane drove us deeper into the vast land where more cows are waiting for us to feed.


We tried catching some freshwater yabbies in the pound, but there was nothing at all!

After the tour, it was time to bid farewall to Farmer Jane. A last jump in the trampoline before we make our journey to Perth.

We stopped at Rockingham for lunch before complete our last leg back to Perth.

Before heading to the hotel, brought the family to Kings Park.

Before heading back to the hotel, we decided to let Jaydon to have some fun in the nearby Park.

After checking into the hotel in Perth, we walked to the Mall to shop, while Jaydon enjoy having his fried rice in the cold.

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