Austria – Munich to Salzburg (Day 1)

This is our first Europe trip for our family in 2007.

For this trip, Aunt Lynna and Aunt Yik May will be with us. Thanks Uncle Loong for sending us off.

We took a direct flight from Singapore to Munich on Singapore Airlines. Total flight time was 12 hours. Not journey was not too bad especially half the time we were sleeping on the plane. Before long, we arrived at Munich Airport (Flughafen München) and it was 5.30am.

We are catching a 7.30am train to Salzburg. To catch the train, we need to take a subway to the train station. We need to walk across the courtyard towards the subway station.

Thinking we had some time to spare, the ladies spend their time at the grocery shop. However, they did not realize how fast time flies when you are shopping in Munich, even though it was a small grocery shop.

Due to the early morning shopping, we missed our train to Salzburg.

We went to the customer service and asked them how we could get the next train to Salzburg. Thankfully, the customer service staff allowed us to use our pre-paid ticket for the next train to Salzburg (on unreserved seat).

We were relieve, knowing that the next train to Salzburg will arrived in 30mins time.

Not wanting to miss the train again, we decided to stay at the platform waiting for our next train to Salzburg.

After waiting in the cold for 30mins on the platform, our train arrived, and we were on our way to Salzburg.

On arriving at Salzburg train station, we took a taxi to our Airbnb Accommodation. Our host was Gabriele and she had a lovely home. The guest apartment was on the second floor while she stayed on the ground floor.

The place was comfortable for the the 6 of us, and we felt very much at home.

Next door to our accommodation was a supermarket. We had our first lunch at the supermarket. As always in all our oversea trips, we are always envious of the freshness of their fruits and dairies.

Everyone seems happy with their lunch. You can see Gabriele’s house which is just across the street from the Supermarket.

The only inconvenience is that our accommodation is a distance away from town. It took us 20-30mins walk to town centre. I believe the walk will be nice during warmer month as compared to the day that was cold and raining.


The weather did not dampened our mood!

Reaching the town centre, we decided to take a break and have some cakes and coffee, to warm ourselves and restore our energy.

Being in Salzburg in December, Salzburg Christkindlmarkt (Christmas Market) is a must for us.


The Salzburg Christkindlmarkt, has existed since 1974. It is located within Salzburg’s Cathedral Square. With traditional huts and unique atmosphere, along with specially designed lighting that stretches above the market, the Christmas Market conjure up a festive atmosphere despite the cold and the rain. You can find all kinds of delectable treats in the form of Austrian specialties, mulled wine and hot punch – all you want during a Cold Christmas day.

The stall in the Christmas Market were selling local folk customs and traditional decorations for the Christmas tree and all possible Christmas gifts for big and small. Jaydon was mesmerized by the decorative.

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