Vienna (Day 7)

Today it will be a day wandering around the city of Vienna, while visiting 1-2 museum using our 48 hours Vienna Pass. Vienna Pass is a sightseeing card to discover the city of Vienna with a Hop on and Hop off bus tour. Most of the attraction is free, and the only issues is how much you can cover within the time limit.

The first stop was the Spanish Riding School to observe the morning exercises. The Spanish Riding School was located within Hofburg Palace, which was just 2 minutes walk from our Airbnb Accomodation. Unfortunately, the ticket was sold out, therefore, we reserve the ticket for the next day instead.

The Hofburg Palace

Wondering around Hofburg Palace, which is the power-house of the Austrian empire, it holds a wealth of rich culture and history waiting to be explored. We decided to utilize our pass and enter the Sisi Museum & the Imperial Apartments.

These 2 museums showcase the the splendor and lavishness of the empire that once dominated the world. it also give us a peek to what is life like in the Palace. We are not allowed to take pictures in some premises.

Next stop, a free guided walking tour with the Vienna PASS. Not exactly comprehensive, however, it give a good overview of the City Centre.

After the tour, we have our lunch… somewhere, which I cannot remember. Did we have lunch that day?! hmmmm..

Nevermind. Let’s continue waking

Next stop,  Kunsthistorisches Museum –  the Vienna Art Museum. This Museum was built by Emperor Franz Joseph to house the imperial collections. It is one of the most important museums in the world. Exhibits from five millennia – from ancient Egypt and Greece to the late 18th century. Unique masterpieces by Dürer, Raphael, Rembrandt, Rubens, Titian, Velázquez and Vermeer as well as the world’s largest collection of works by Bruegel will make your visit an unforgettable experience.

The Architecture of the interior was so amazing that we spend nearly an hour just hanging around, admiring the work.

We had a audio guide which was pretty insightful for the history of the museum as well as the art pieces.

While me and Mary went to explore the various art gallery, Jaydon and Aunt Lynna had a good time at the cafe. Try spotting them in the following picture.

It was a late evening, when we decided to call it a day and walk back to our Airbnb.

The night walk was nice, as when night falls, Vienna was lighted up and the gloom day has become a festive night.

We brought Jaydon to have a 4D adventure show before heading back to our lodge

He was amazed

Small lift