Traunsee – Melk – Vienna (Day 6)

Today is our last day in Obertraun. Which meant that we had to bid farewell to our lovely host – Liz and Paul. Hallstätter See is a nice lake and the town surrounding the lake is beautiful. But our stay at in Landhaus Lilly was the highlight of our trip to this area.

Till we meet again!

After loading our luggage, we were on our route to Vienna. The journey will take us around 4-5 hours. Our route will take us through Traunsee towards A1 Autobahn. We will take a slight detour to Melk before heading to Vienna around evening time.

After about an hour drive, we came across the town of Traunkirchen.

A small church on top of a hill with a cliff facing the shore caught our eye. Later, we learn that the church is called Johannesbergkapelle.

Driving a couple of minutes down the road, we came across a castle on a small island in the lake. We tried to drive in to take a look but they seems to be under construction.

So we drove a bit further down to a nearby park to have a better view of the castle. Later we learnt that the castle was Schloss Ort. It was a privately owned castle, was a museum and a wedding spot.

It took us around 2 hours before we arrived in Melk. We wanted to take a tour in Melk Abbey, but realized that we have arrived too late for the tour. Therefore, we decided to park aloneside the Melk Abbey, and find a place for lunch and a break.

We decided on this Restaurant as it looks welcoming.

Notice the candle. So romantic!

My favorite drink throughout the trip – Almdudler. Almdudler has been called the “national drink of Austria”.  It is a sweetened carbonated beverage made of herbal extracts (which I do not know what is it). The drink goes will with our lunch.


Having a last look at the Melk Abbey and regretted not reaching earlier for the tour, we will on our final leg to Vienna.


We reached Vienna when sun was setting. We found our accommodation in Vienna. Host was unfriendly (probably we were late) but the apartment was in the middle of Vienna.

After alighting the passengers, Mary & I went to return our car which had served us well the last 4 tours of our trip from Salzburg to Vienna.

Both of us, took a lazy walk back to our accommodation.


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