Hallstatt – Bad Goisern – Bad Ischl – St Wolfgang (Day 5)

We woke up in the morning and found that it is going to be a gloomy and raining day today. Everything outside the window looks grey and cold. That is when Landhaus Lilly shine the brightest during the day of gloomy weather.

Liz and Paul greeted us in the morning when we were down for our breakfast. They have prepared breakfast for us which was one of the best breakfast we had in Austria. The breakfast was not elaborate but the breakfast was lovely with the right mix of cheese, ham, bread, cereal, eggs, and beverage. I got to say the choice of Movenpick Yogurt was really good. After we had that, we were practically looking out for the yogurt in every supermarket we could find.

Landhaus Lilly is well located in an area within the town of Obertraun‎ (5 mins drive from Hallstatt). It is situated next to a river which there is a path from the house that leads alongside the river.  We did a morning walk after our breakfast, and it was nice and relaxing.

Jaydon having a blast and having fun with the snow, despite the weather!
Liz and Paul go out of their way to help in any way they possibly can. On this morning, where it is gloomy and dull, Liz help us plan our route itinerary in the area, telling us which restaurant we should go. After the walk down the river, we drove to our first stop – back to Hallstatt.
As advised by Liz, we found a car park in the middle of the tunnel behind Hallstatt, which allow us to park for free for 2 hours. We were fortunate to find available car park slots, as there are only a couple of parking space in this car park.
We walked down to the town of Hallstatt and wander around the area.
As recommended by Liz, we found a secret basement of a sports shop that give a peek at how old Hallstatt really is.
In the basement, discovered in 1990, is an impressive archaeological excavation that uncovered structures and artifacts from the Romans period all the way to stone age.

There are excellent paving stones from early Hallstatt, Roman building foundation sections, and the outer walls of the Habsburg residence from early Medieval Times.

After spending about 2 hours in Hallstatt, walking and doing some light shopping, we have to climb the stairs back to the car park.

In order to distract Jaydon from the daunting stairs , mom suggested playing a game with Jaydon while making our way back to our car.

Next stop – Bad Goisern. The reason why we are there is because, I read somewhere that we could do some sleighing in this area. After checking into the Tourism Office, we found the location for some fun with the sleigh. The sleigh is available in a small hut that we can pick up from for free and we just head up the slope.
While sleighing, the Aunties were waiting in the car. We managed to convince Aunt May to try.
Not looking at the time, we only realized that it was lunch time when we were too tired to go for another round of sleigh.
Per recommended by Liz and Paul, we head up to the town of Bad Ischl and found a lovely restaurant- Konditorei Zauner, for a late lunch at 3pm!.
Zauner was famous for their pastry and cakes. However, after our lunch, we were too full for desserts. We decided to “tabo” our cakes back for supper instead.
After our late lunch, our last stop is St Wolfgang. St. Wolfgang im Salzkammergut is an Austrian town east of Salzburg.
We came all the way here for it’s Christmas Market. St Wolfgang is famed as Austria’s advent town – the most festive place in the whole country.
This is one of the Christmas market I like throughout the trip. It is not crowded and it has a good traditional feel of Christmas in a traditional town next to the lake.
The market is held throughout the town and festive stalls have artisanal goods and traditional foods including gluhwein and chestnuts, yes, really – roasting on an open fire.
After St Wolfgang, we head back to Landhaus Lilly. We had our dinner and our nice pastry from Zauner, before calling the night.

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