Budapest & Night train to Munich (Day 10)

This is a view from our room when we woke up in the morning. Our place is facing a park – Erzebet Square. A very central location in Hungary.

We are meeting Chow family who is spending time in their “hometown” during the December break.

We are suppose to meet at Budapest Christmas market which was round the corner from our accommodation.

We were early and so we had our breakfast which consist of a very yummy fried bread pastry.

Chow family arrived shortly and We are so happy to meet up with them in Budapest. Jaydon was Glad to meet up with them and had fun hanging out with them.

Christmas fair has many handicraft stores and we were so immerse in the handicraft that we forget about taking pictures in the fair.

What we have are some shots of the items that were sold in the fair:

The closest picture of the Christmas market were this shot of a group of soldiers having their breakfast.

There are regular handicraft and cookie making session for the kids to participate. It was conducted in Hungarian, so Jaydon need to rely on his friends to do the translation.

After spending close to 3 hours at the fair, the Chow brought us to a authentic Hungarian restaurant. Again, we forget to take a picture of the food we ate. This was the aftermath:

Next we brought the kids Miniversum Budapest. Along the way, the kids have fun playing their wooden sword given by Uncle Ivan.

Miniversum Budapest is a interactive museum with miniature sets of showing the daily life and history of Budapest and surround. With Mrs Chow sharing with us on the history of Hungary, it makes the museum extra special for us.

Kids attention was too short for the miniature stuff and they prefer playing

This following picture show how kids celebrate birthday in Hungary. That’s an amazing candle!

As evening falls, we bid farewell to the Chow family as we head back to our accommodation and prepare our night train back to Munich.

Seriously, 2 days is too short a time in Budapest. It is a regret that we did not spend a longer time in Budapest.

We say goodbye to the beautiful city of Budapest as we board our night train to Munich.

The train was clean and the bed was reasonable. It was the family first sleeping experience on a night train. The 3 ladies and Jaydon sleep in 1 cabin, while I slept in another cabin with other passengers.

It was a nice experience, except that in the wee morning, a group of boys tried opening the ladies cabin. The ladies were afraid as one of the locks are spoilt. Anyhow, they left after some time. So, lesson learn, make sure the door has a proper lock to the cabin.

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