Yokohama (Day 1 & 2)

We are taking a evening flight to Tokyo with Singapore Airlines. On reaching the airport, we realized that there is an Harry Potter exhibits and activities. Since we have quite a bit of time, we had a bit of fun in the airport.

After the fun, we were on our on our flight to Tokyo.

We reached Tokyo Haneda Airport late in the night. I have planned that we spend 2 nights at Yokohama, since we have not been there and Haneda Airport is nearer to Yokohama.

Haneda Airport
Getting bus tickets from the counter, before heading down to the bus bay.
Heading the bus which we will take and alight us directly at Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel.
Supper hunting for the night at the convenient shop before heading to the hotel
Shin Yokohama Prince hotel rooms and beds are really small. We need to squeeze 3 person in 2 single bed.

Next morning, we

Had a quick breakfast and we were on our way in Yokohama! we took a train from Shin Yokohama to Yokohama station.
Walked to Bay Quarter Yokohama and we board the Sea Bus and took a ferry ride to downtown Yokohama
We alight at Yamashita Park, which is near to Chinatown Yokohama.
Vending machine with Pokémon fruit juice caught Jaydon’s eye.

Yamashita Park is a pleasant park to walk. Flowers are still blooming in December.

Getting to Chinatown, we need to cross this road line up with autumn colors
Chinatown Yokohama is popular street for both locals and tourists.
Dumpling is a must try and there are quite a few shops selling them. Just go for the longest queue..
From Chinatown we make our way to Yokohama Red Bricks Warehouse. There is a Christmas market in the outdoor while there are more interesting shops and cafe within the converted warehouse.
Our legs were tired from all the walking. We definitely need to take a break while enjoying the festive Christmas Market!
An uncle actually walk his rabbit to the Christmas Market and he welcomes everyone to carry and pat his rabbit.
Walking along the bayside, we got to enjoy the refreshing sea and interested ships & boat as we walk.
The last stop of the day were the Cup Noodle Museum.

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