Lake Tekapo & Christchurch (NZ Day 11 & 12)

Next morning, when we woke up at Lake Tekapo, we saw the beautiful Lupin flowers on the slope of the hill. The “peak” lupin season in Mackenzie Country is usually from mid-November until just after Christmas. The lupins at Lake Tekapo are best in late November.

We left our Campervan park and head to The Church of the good Shepherd.

Unable to take a picture in the inside, so got to zoom in my iphone camera from the outside which we could see the church is facing the beautiful Lake Tekapo from the inside.

Surrounding the Church, Lupins are growing in the wild and it gives the colors in Lake Tekapo and surround.

We left Lake Tekapo and make our 4 hours drive to Christchurch.


Along the way we stop by small towns and enjoy the rolling hills. At one point of our journey, we saw a house on the move!

We reached Christchurch in the evening, returning our camperan and pick up a smaller car to drive around Christchurch.  We had MacDonald for dinner and decided to call it a day, which we spend the night watching the last sequel of the Lord of the Ring.

Next morning, we visited the International Antarctic Centre. The visit was filled with so much fun. It was interactive for the whole family, with highlight such as being enclose in a chilling temperature room replicating Antarctic storm conditions, watching a 4D movie, and a little tour in Hagglund.


For lunch we went to BurgerFuel. We enjoyed the burger more then Fergburger. Even Jaydon finished his burger, which was a surprise to us.

After lunch we went to the CookieTime factory to stock up some cookies for the family. It was one of the snacks that Jaydon enjoyed during his trip in New Zealand (note: it might be the reason why he put on weight after the trip)


The last stop of the day was the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve.

The main attractions are the animals where the kids could interact and feed. The Kiwi enclosure was the highlight, which we caught a glimpse of the Kiwi Bird (in the dark though).

Jaydon feeding the deer

Feeding the donkey

Magnificent Peacock which spending half his time chasing and scaring the surrounding chickens.

Shaun the Sheep..


And since we are unable to capture a picture of the kiwi, we have a model dress as one!


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