Oamaru & Mt Cook National Park (NZ Day 10)

We wanted to spend some time in the morning walking in the historic town of Oamaru. Oamaru, the largest town of the Waitaki District, has a rich history and proud heritage, enriched by the passionate and perhaps quirky locals.


It has a cool Victorian Precint, where you will find, shops, galleries and traditional crafts within some of the Southern Hemispheres most complete Victorian streetscapes and19th century architecture.

The Victorian Precint was originally built as warehouses and storage areas for the nearby port, the Harbour / Tyne area is home to antique shops, gift stores, craftsmen and restaurants.

We wandered around the Victorian Precint and was amazed by the preservation of the streetscapes and the architecture.

Some shops are selling cool Victorian wears and clothing. Some shops were selling Victorian punk wears too!


There was a small weekend market that open on the Saturday morning, which we got some freshly made jams and bread,


As we have a long day ahead, we left Oamaru in the late morning and head towards Mt Cook National Park. To reach Mt Cook National Park, we are backtracking our route the previous day.

We stop by Elephant Rock situated near Duntroon, which is located within a private property open to the public.

Millions of years ago this whole area was under the sea. Whales and other marine life sank into the soft sand which then gradually rose to the surface.

The result is an intriguing area of fossils and dramatic limestone outcrops, which formed the Elephant Rock.

It is one of the filming site for The Cronicles of Narnia. This is where  Aslan’s Camp was filmed.

Sheep wandering around adds to the country atmosphere.

We continue our journey to Mt Cook National Park. Along the way we stop by High Country Salmon and we reached Mt Cook National Park at around 4pm. The drive to Mount Cook was scenic, driving along the stunning turquoise blue of Lake Pukaki.


Today we will attempt to hike the Hooker Valley Trail which is 10km return trail.

Mt Cook National Park is a rugged land of ice and rock.



Walking Hooker Valley track is the best way to experience the beautiful landscape of Mt Cook National Park.

The track was a lovely experience with great views despite the high winds. The track is easy and flat and it is well maintained.

You need to cross three swingbridges before reaching the end of the track.

We are unable to stop taking pictures with our camera on every turn as we walk through the picturesque valleys and encounter majestic snowcapped mountains. Jaydon and Mummy turned back when they reached the third swingbridge. The wind was too strong that day, and it was causing discomfort to Jaydon and Mummy. I continue another 15 mins walk from the third swing bridge to the end of the track, which was the glacier lake which no glacier remains.

It was 7pm when we left Mt Cook for Lake Tekapo.


Sun was setting when we arrived at Lake Tekapo.

We park our vehicle on the hill top facing Lake Tekapo.

Had our dinner and we all ready to see the night sky!



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