Hokkaido ( Lake Toya – Niseko) – Day 6

This blog is written by Jaydon with the help of Daddy.


It was a bright and sunny morning. We woke up and had our breakfast. After breakfast, we went to Lake Toya and say our goodbye to the beautiful Lake. Jaydon did not like the lake because it was full of fallen leaves and it make the place looks dirty!

Soon we were on our way to Niseko.  On  the way to Niseko, we stopped by Lake Hill Farm for Ice-Cream. The snow on the property was so fine and fluffy! There were sledge available in the cafe and Daddy convince Jaydon to play. Jaydon tried and he was enjoying himself while daddy had to pull the sledge.


After a while, we decided to try the ice cream. It was a nice experience having ice cream in the cold as the ice cream did not melt. Jaydon had cookies and cream and Mummy chose mango sherbet. Jaydon loved the ice cream and would be delighted to go back there for their ice cream.


Jaydon wanted to stay longer at the farm but we got to get moving.

We were on our journey when Daddy saw a nice view of Lake Toya. We stopped at a rest area where there was a platform for viewing. We got out of the car and went up to the platform. Daddy and Jaydon saw ice on the platform and being cheeky, we started to break and kick the ice on the platform. While kicking the ice, Daddy accidentally kicked a wooden plank off the platform. Knowing that we did something wrong, we immediately dashed into the car and drove off.

Our drive to Niseko took us an hour. While daddy was driving, Mummy and Jaydon admire the breathtaking scenery. Jaydon spent the time taking pictures of the scenery. His aim was to capture the best picture of Mount Yotei, the towering mountain that is near Niseko.

“At last! We reached!”, exclaimed Jaydon. We are in the quaint town of Niseko. The place that we stayed is like a small western village within the town of Niseko.

We stayed in a lodge found in Airbnb. It was suppose to be a shared apartment, but we are the only residents during the time. Therefore, it seems that the whole house belongs to us.

Jaydon had fun climbing up and down the attic. Jaydon had fun carrying his soft toy up the attic and throwing it down from the top.

We went to JoJo’s Cafe for lunch and Jaydon played a game of Reversi with Mummy.

That night, it was snowing heavily. It was was our first experience of a “Snow Storm!”, but we like it.

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